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Batman: Arkham Origins Apk

18.4 MB
1.3.0 アンドロイド用
1 20, 2018

Batman: Arkham Origins - Companies are fighting an amazing game on Android with Warner Bros. International Enterprises. Probably everyone knows the hero in a bat costume. Now you can play the hero. You must prove you are Gotham. Worth the title of Dark Knight. To do this, you do not have to crush all the enemies through. In addition, the developer applies one of the most important details of the game. Sector - correction. You have the ability to make your costume, and Batman can improve. In addition to including city streets, hidden collection special bonus you will receive additional updates.

Prove your worth as Gotham Dark Knight of Deadly Assassins, in a new mobile game facing a whole series of their thugs, Batman Arkham Origins. NetherRealm Studio Knights Fight your way to play for free through the most dangerous places in Gotham City.

A lot of crime punishing rewards in the world for gaining in-game currency and unlocking your Batman upgrades and fighter's most unique Batsuits way. Mobile Games for Batman Connect Console Edition: Unlock Arkham Origins and More Exclusive Content That You Can't Find Nowhere

  • Amazing 3D graphics make it more attractive and more beautiful gameplay.
  • Batman has many Batsuits skins with different types of original Arkham Android.
  • Batarangs, Cowls, armor, caps with bets and city savings. All these struggles can be used to update apk game Batsuits.
  • The game also shows that Facebook integration offers you to play with your friends suggest.
  • Batman Arkham Origins apk size 18.4 MB and has a valid version. You can download additional data to your device.
  • Ready for Android 4.0+ device for improved performance for download.
  • Fully functional, Batman features, view screenshots and full details of Arkham Origins in the Google Play Store.

Special Features:

  • JSA Liberty Files Beyond Batman and Batman, especially mobile games including Batsuit Skin.
  • Cross-platform mobile and console versions open the game.
  • Find the city Diarrhea and Cowls, belt bearings, cloaks and armor! Collect all of them and upgrade to unlock Batsuits.
  • Facebook integration. Invite your friends to play and earn rewards.


Batman: Arkham is really important for making no noise on the way to the original. By placing him in a setting that is your main character's comical beat. He said that a talented soldier deepens the slugger's day health and vigor, of course, even if it's not the Inquisitor and the elusive intruder first. Batman: Arkham is the original elusive Batman, but eventually engineers engineer the NetherRealm Studios case. At law and he scalawags turn. Old-fashioned should have become stronger apart from the negligible - used to create Batman - for Knee and fantasy-like security moves.

Batman Arkham is primarily the original specifications and improves the 3D gaming experience you need on your Android smartphones and tablets. The fighting game for Android 4.0 can be downloaded below and let us know comment below to let us know about your reaction to the link below. Wait for it to be very boring and your Batman Arkham original apk game from your Android device is fun. Have a nice day

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