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7 23, 2020

AndroVid Video Editor is a simple smartphone app that allows users to edit their videos quickly with the click of a button. A great aspect of this editor is that it can be used by those with prior experience. It is still very powerful and compact. It is the package.

AndroVid is a tool that is specially cut (or trimmed, it's called Spanish) for insertion and is a ready-to-edit video editing tool as you work in many other ways to provide a good video clip despite your video.

With AndroVid, you can save any video to the device memory and the editor can once choose to cut wherever you want to be and gather more clips wherever you want. All of this can be done with your fingertips in just a few seconds.

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AndroVid Pro Video Editor Modification APK: A powerful and unique video, android operating system, the application process lets you customize your video files and convert them to edit. This app supports Persian, Arabic, and English, with powerful features. They can also be used by users who see the video editor changes on your Android device, video sharing, image file format videos, video merge, and more margin. It is another possible conversion of VOB to 3GP, AVI, FLV, MP3, MPG, MOV, WMV, MP3, M4A, WAV video and conversion video, and WMA audio formats. AndroVid Pro Video Editor is an ideal choice for blinking if you are looking for an excellent program for your video files to work.

Key Features:

Video trimmer and video cutter and video splitter

  • Trim and crop video removes unnecessary parts.
  • Fast trimmer and fast Snyder: Coded cutting for quick redo, no loss of quality. Export video with the same quality as the original video.
  • Extra trimmer with precision scissors and precise cutting of frame precise cutting frame. HD export quality.
  • Video split into two parts.
  • Delete central parts: Remove unwanted parts in the center of the video.

Video Merge and Video Combination App

  • No free video connection with music.
  • Combine multiple video clips into the video

Music videos added

  • Videomaker, free facial talk editor with lyrics.
  • Combine video with music. Trim and cut music, adding many music parts
  • Place original video volume, except adjust music volume
  • Mute Videoton

Video and stickers and emoji, and watermark text

  • Add fonts, text to video with color and style
  • Upload emoji, and stickers video
  • Animate text and emoji
  • Add their own watermark to custom images or videos. Picture semi-transparent building You can add your own watermark to the video

Painting drawing video editor and video

  • Draw a shape from the hand to the video
  • Color, opacity, brush size adjust the picture
  • Because you add you can take many pictures

Video FX programs and video filters and video effects

  • Apply vintage, sepia, vignette, gray, opacity, and many more attractive color filters to your video to make the stand
  • Cool FX effects to make your video different.
  • Special Feature: You can apply simultaneously and affect multiple filters. Mix your own attractive effects filter.

Video aspect ratio converter and video backgrounds

  • Watch the video without any aspect ratio to crop.
  • Easy Instagram, YouTube applies and the aspect ratio is perfect for face talk.
  • Video blur background applied or background color applied.
  • Creates class video, crop video makers.

MP3 Video Converter

  • Remove music videos, mp3 convert music video quickly

Photo slideshow maker

  • Make pictures slide show videos
  • Transition effects add fading, music

Video player and video planner and photo planner

  • Find all the videos on your phone
  • Play your video clips
  • Share video clips and pics to Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Facial Talk, WhatsApp, etc.
  • Delete, Sort, Rename, and List Video
  • You can delete the video so as to restore the garbage
  • Here is a list of all the photos in your gallery. View and edit photos.

Video Rotate App and Video Flip App

  • 90 degree or 180-degree fast video turns
  • Flip video vertical
  • Flip video horizontally
  • Fast rotation without coding

Video enhancer app

Improve your video for better quality. Brightness, on the contrary, saturation, adjust the temperature.

Replace audio volume

Video Speed ​​Changer

  • Fast motion effects and slow-motion effects added
  • Adjust and adjust the speed of each video clip.

Video converter application and video format converter application

  • Other small, video resolutions replace the video transcoding app for your video. Conversion support for GIF, 3GP, AVI, FLV, MP4, MPG, MOV, WMV and VOB formats.
  • Animated GIFs, and pros to share their video pieces on social media programs

Video Reverse App

  • Video after app, slow/fast motion video
  • Makeup reverse video for Magic

Video Frame Grabber and Video Image Extraction

  • Video removes video frame images at any time
  • Save your photo gallery video frame images

Video Compressor

  • Video Size Zip your video very small share for WhatsApp, e-mail, etc.
  • Export video quality and resolution balanced
  • Crop trim or video reduction

Additional options

Finally, the benefits of the AndroVid Video Editor are its flexibility. All of the improved modal options offered by this user include files for these tools with a little more experience. It can also (but only) convert MPG, MOV, WMV, AVI and MP3 files and many other formats. 


  • Fixed: Toolbox-> AudioLevel problem.
  • Other minor bug fixes