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7 09, 2020

IGTV app comes with a clear and simple interface. There is nothing confusing about this new app. So it should allow everyone to make it easily accessible. Yet it is lighter than other video players that you can use frequently. If you have an app that plays for an hour-long and full power and video, we know that Instagram just watch the video for a minute. It is acceptable. Tend to be more satisfied with this application. It is also a video tutorial will give benefit to video producers like to make a more detailed video.

In addition, the better you watch the videos. It is required for you to turn on your device. This allows more convenient and enjoyable users. Now it can be a great competitor to your YouTube video player. There are many people who watch such an app to find out about video entertainment.

Although it is not yet as good as YouTube, Instagram is the most IGTV application for Android. Instagram users can benefit, therefore, especially in terms of achieving long-term video playback.


  • Download and login to your account with Instagram. You can start watching the video right away.
  • Watch video creators you already follow and others will like.
  • Browse other videos or you can watch channels as exclusive productive exercises.
  • Comment on how or videos and send them straight to your friends.
  • Discover creator IGTV to follow them right, and they see more on Instagram.

Here's how to download the Instagram IGTV APK file to install it on your Android phone and tablet. Because it has recently passed Instagram a billion users, social networking has become one of the most used. Now Instagram has called for a new partner of IGTV and has launched the programs. Instagram is a place where most people share their stories through pictures or to demonstrate how talented they are using medical Instagram, but with the release of the new Instagram IGTV app, people share their stories through doing video.

The main app integrates IGTV into Instagram, but it's a stand-alone version for an even more immersive experience. With IGTV - TV Instagram - users can create their own video channels, where they can share their own videos and every uploaded video channel will be viewed by the followers. To be very clear, this is a YouTube competitor with more or less the same functionality. You won't have to find it to be able to Google Play Store apps alone IGTV yet, but you can always download the APK file here.

Download IGTV APK

Instagram IGTV will still be enough to develop a slightly larger new app on every iteration. As of this writing, Instagram lacks IGTV and horizontal video is a bit disappointing. It is made its approach is to change the video uploaded horizontally vertically. Further Reading APK Download Log.

User Reviews

User 1: An IGTV app is a separate Instagram. I think it has its own benefits and will lay the expected, but it's like that. All I wanted was on my watch, to see that too. I can't accept the main feed because it's just a chance.

User 2: This is the worst these days. Sometimes I did upload a video while it is being uploaded. It just shows me, though it's better at full speed and network area. I am upset because they also directly upload a minute, rather than problem and igtv on Insta.

User 3: It doesn't work! Crash! I tried to make the video publish and I can add every title, any #, and a statement... An application of social networks speaks, we are about sharing, what cant we passionated?


The latest version contains bug fixes and performance improvements