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10.1.4-Google アンドロイド用
7 31, 2020

View MAPS.ME from your Android device, an app anywhere in the world map, without the need for an Internet connection.

Keep track of things to use, but without any connection to the card MAPS.ME, you need to download them first. You just need to have a Wi-Fi network (they are very large files) to find out and select the nations from the map that you want to store on your device. From this point you can always use Maps without an Internet connection.

With this version of MAPS.ME, you can download any country on the detailed map and place your own geographical location on your device GPS. If you are looking for places in between then this version and share bookmarks may or may not.

MAPS.ME is a very useful map app for everyone who loves to travel. It can be used without a connection, so you should not use the data, and also do not use the internet well, you use less battery.

Key Features

These are the main features and functions of this application:

  • Get free cards forever.
  • You do not store data on any Internet connection.
  • Intressantesten places for routes and routes that will not appear on the map.
  • Save your favorite places and share them.
  • Find fast offline completely.
  • Do not look at cities or maps of the world. Download Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Valencia, Seville, Amsterdam, London, New York, Tokyo, Buenos Aires Map ...
  • More than a check for traffic conditions in 30 countries.
  • Find restaurants, such as cafes, bars, such as by category of places ...
  • App to book through Hotel Booking.com.
  • Share your location with chat messages or on social networks.
  • Know your foot or your bicycle uphill or downhill journey.
  • Find speed traps and other things its users have displayed.

Offline maps

Save Mobile Data No Need For The Internet

Free forever

The map is inside and free for all guests. It will be over and over.


Biking, car navigation, hiking and anywhere in the world.

Guides and tours

Don't miss an interesting place for planning your trip and our own routes. We have to create routes and routes involvement with the best travel content and popular destinations. This map includes a POI and can be downloaded for offline use

Very detailed

Easy points are drawn from points of interest (hiking trails), hiking trails and maps.


Cards are updated daily by millions of OpenStreetMap posts. OSM is an open-source alternative to the popular mapping service.

Fast and reliable

Offline Search, GPS navigation with custom displays to effectively protect space.


Save places, love and share them with your friends.

Available worldwide

House and visit required. Paris, France? cheque. Amsterdam, The Netherlands Czech. Barcelona, ​​Spain? cheque. New York, Chicago, Florida, Las Vegas, Nevada, Seattle, San Francisco, California, USA? cheque! Rome, Italy? cheque. London, United Kingdom? cheque.

Traffic data

The new online traffic map. And check out quick routes updates on traffic information in 36 countries!

And more!

  • Search through various categories of restaurants, cafes, attractions, hotels, ATMs and public transport (subway, bus ...)
  • Create a book directly from Booking.com Hotel app
  • Share your location on a text message or social media
  • When a bicycle or running application, if there is an uphill or downhill of the road

User Reviews

User 1: I just love MAPS.ME for easy operation. When it is needed most, where there is no Wi-Fi and your data card is limited. Quick and easy map updates take place in South Africa, where the new South Africa accepts everything, as the country has changed. The new government has had many cities and street names and we do not hold a single person when addressing a bus. This is where MAPS.ME. The place is Thanks MAPS.ME!

User 2: Maps are excellent and work well across multiple applications. Since then the directions for using the application feature get almost meaningless 3 stars. Choose a different route with an option - 2,6 km, go by public transit to the station if there is a tram stop by my place on the route 400 meters ahead. Equivalent to cycling directions rarely the best route proposal comes with an option for alternative routes. Still, I need a lot of work.

User 3: Voice guidance is tricky: Stay right/left, I don't have exit numbers where to call, so don't say street name. Find Bad: The list shows, but how can I check these places on the map. I click on this site and show your current location with a selection of ways, but often that's the goal, go figure! Alternative routes include the best route, even a few smaller residential streets instead of the route and lights left.


With each App update, the maps are filled with new places to make your trip interesting.
Thanks to the maps update by the OSM community, in this version were added:
  • 1400+ attractions
  • 10000+ cafes and restaurants
  • 6500+ shops