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3 02, 2019

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More than 1 million WiFi hotspots online worldwide. Pay Per Minute with Skype Credit Travel abroad has programs for international travelers.

Your Data Cost When Roaming Abroad:

• WiFi Hotspots in Restaurants Use Skype WiFi Hotels, Airports, Railway Stations, Bars and Connect - Available at 1 million hotspots worldwide.

• Connect water tap bus - upload checks internet e-mail browsing, Skype, Facebook, Twitter updates, photos, downloads, music, or e-books check-out with the internet.

• You pay to connect once - there is no limit to the number of items you upload or download information.

It's easy to get started:

• Free Skype WiFi app for download.

• Join your Skype account.

• Make sure you create a Skype Credit in your account.

Finding compatible hotspots online:

• Skype WiFi app open

• Turn off the water tap.

• You are online! Simple.

After you do this, simply disconnect the tap.

Massive low per-minute rates, connect anywhere:

• Skype WiFi, you can go online and charge per minute. Before you connect, hotspots connect at a significant cost to you.

• Remember, when you always only care that connected minutes, we will take the amount you downloaded or uploaded.

• Under control - 30 minutes per session will be called maximum, and you will want to reconnect your session if you want. You can always get disconnected.

System Requirements:

• Launch Android device running Android 2.2 or higher

• Compatible network WiFi connection

• Skype credit account required

Skype WiFi is provided by 3rd party WiFi operators in the world.

Current version:

Requires Android 2.2 or higher