75.2 MB
5.10.0 アンドロイド用
8 06, 2020

Experience the childhood players at the arcade-playing arcade spirit of the game, because in the nostalgic pixel-style screen of the "metal slug", plus a well-known fantastic character process, the METAL SLUG ATTACK of World War II scenes may have to continue. But give the tower a rather horizontal version of the "Metal Slug" slide game instead of giving players a special protection.

Art often takes the game "Metal Slug", the game will appear retro-pixel images of the artistic heritage and thick understanding of past memory of the original version of the images of Markov, Filho, Rebel, Mother and Tank Robots. Although the game is a horizontal version of the classic game, but in terms of combat shooting the game is played on the left screen, with this game is not strong-weak, there is still only attack the characters, the first is only slightly better than its predecessor, bursting effects and beautiful construction of effects. Various, but more ambitious war scenes like the millions of war urge players to also offer game protection to OVR.

Background music and also past style light and happy background music shot sound plays the game sound effect functions, not only players are constantly filled with pleasure in the explosion as the terrain threat to the same terrain, keep the "Metal Slug" series, it makes sense for a grandeur. Is.

New 13 million downloads broken record!

Metal Slug, 2D action shooting game design, NEOGEO A tower defense game is now available!

METAL SLUG ATTACK Metal Slug Defense is an evolution. Enjoy it to the fullest!

Sporting facilities

Simplified control!

Another SNK in the legendary game series play is the latest entry, easy operation that can be enjoyed by all, and 2D point pixel characters that easily move an action "this is a tower defense game with a metal slug attack"! In addition, the new added, "support system" will feature players having deeper strategies and even more fun!

A wealth of missions!

"Metal Slug Attack" with it a variety of missions for all player types, "Attack!" Game in which the status-killing army base, as well as "PkOkWk Rescue", "School Fight" or "Treasure. Hunt" is occupied by the state of the game,

Upgrade your units!

Collect items and use them to customize your favorite units during their mission. Improve their skills through its units with items to be active in developing levels, making them !! Let us try to make the most effective and Powerful units!

Action in the world!

"Real-Time War" mode 6, except in the deck that can be enjoyed playing together, can have up to four players due to asynchronous battles! Become the best player in the world to lose all their challenges and improve their skills!

Brother-play-op in hand!

Brothers in Arms "Guild Raid" and "Special Ops" mode with chat in-game wars and cooperative campaigns, and communicate with them via mailing options. Enjoy Taking The Best Safe With Your Best "Metal Slug Attack"!


  • Added Extra Ops
  • Added new units
  • Updated Mystery Crank
  • Added contents to the Dress Up
  • Updated Shops