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Doodle Army 2 : Mini Militia Apk

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5.2.0 アンドロイド用
5 13, 2020

Intense multiplayer competition with the use of 12 local Wi-Fi online for 6 players. Coffin and train with offline training, cooperation, and life, to sharpen their skills in survival mode. Various weapons, including sniper, shotgun, kill and flamethrowers. Was shot.

Features explosive online and local multiplayer battles! Intuitive dual-stick shooting controls. Extended vertical flight with rocket boots for the open-world map. Zoom control, melee attacks and modern and massive ambidexterity ability with weapons and grenades. Group-based cross fun cartoon theme between soldiers and Halo fighting battles.

Doodle Army 2: Mini Militia Army aka DA2, based on the original Stickman Doodle Army Player shooter response and instructions. We love to hear your thoughts, and keep them coming! Enter the call from the Sergeant in the game email link!

Get this type of pro player rocket launcher, sniper rifle, dual-lever ability packs like a laser, an extra menu customization products and saw weapons, full access to guns and more!

Doodle Army 2: Mini Militia is an intense multiplayer game apk that can compete sharply with players simultaneously. There are many options available to choose the player in a variety of ways including sniper, shotguns, and flamethrowers, such as off-line training, a survival mode, and many options. Players try to control the new zoom, using Doodle Army apk 2, to sharpen their weapons with sophisticated weapons and team get into their ability to compete. Doodle Army 2: Mini Militia App is ideal for players looking for a challenge and can support up to six players at a time. The team player that works it out, can be faster on your instincts carefully. apk The popular Doodle Army and Doodle have been signed with many suggestions from game-based Army 2 users.

Key Features

  • Intense with lots of action, fast-growing game
  • Six players supported at one time
  • You must act quickly and rely on your instincts
  • Based on the popular game Doodle Army
  • Supports a variety of options, including a survival mode
  • Allow your skills through offline training
  • Snipers, such as grenades, rifles, and flamethrowers, are the most modern weapons available,

Advanced zoom control

Play with mini armies, which leads to the area and provide access to the war zone and the opportunity to fight the enemies. When we talk about war games doodles do not fight an army 2 game players are designed to get first-hand experience realistic game. The fee game is completely free of charge to players and is guaranteed and the gameplay will keep you hooked.

The game is intended for travel where they are players, the team takes the responsibility of a soldier to victory and is only for the survivors and the ultimate warrior shoes. Go to your boundaries and collect the right weapons and then there is the game not able to design a game plan developed ready to go to war and restore your team of peace. The game has a real-life appeal with the best graphics and is completely shared free of Android player fees.


  • Simple gameplay
  • Too many alternate positions made
  • A variety of character options unique and beautiful


  • It's perfect for graphics with 2D animations
  • For starters, it is difficult to characterize the flight when shooting enemy control.

Getting Started Tips

Getting selected in conjunction with high values ​​and failures, it is time to read the best tips and tricks for improving the skills of newcomers. First, bend down to minimize grenade damage. When fighting off with, release grenade immediately. Let's not take our point of suicide. One step by giving the enemy a red arrow takes place near the signal. The idea is that there is not enough health after surviving with weapons, suicide bombs.

Use the grab button to fly through it quickly to give it a focal point. Always release two pistols in his hand and shot because often enemies are hidden behind him.

Users review

User 1: The game to play now for the last 3 years. I really don't know why your developer hackers are taking no action. Good for you now that the option is faster for games, "hacker reports," but something to do with the individual cell. There are small mistakes in the game. 1. Sometimes the player does not stay. If you bottle 2 players (the other player pushes it) soil 3. Increase that can be dug twice is infinite.

User 2: Please add a new weapon and pistol to the issues I proper. This game-like buying a lot of people just update the mini militia fashion. Purchase an important chat trailer filled with many people, and now not so much the professional purchase packing the problem. (I love mini militia game very much, I love mini militia very much). (To solve Complain)

User 3: You only have a five-star rating, here is why I reply angrily I cant write ??? I went to Beta, unplugged it, uninstalled it, and now think back to the original version, but obviously the old version and the new beta (can't be played, because no one ever tries the normal version and it takes an hour). Is obviously a person) to find a new version .... but why is it marked by beta ???? Really ?? Notify me easily and "401" of error "Take off the stupid message!


  • Support match duration change in Friends / Custom Matches
  • Ads have been added back to the game, so you can watch an Ad and that gives you some rewards (eg.: coins, cash etc.)
  • Invite your friends via Facebook or WhatsApp to the game
  • Introducing Tutorial Mode to help new players learn controls before getting into the first match
  • New sounds added for match results, weapon upgrade, and level up
  • ...and some bug fixes