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6.0.5 アンドロイド用
7 24, 2019

Mock app location coordinates for GPS, Android and GPS will go dumb. Get Pokemon running due to a real-time geolocation-based special games have become very popular. And helps fly Pokemon and captures different Pokemons while users duplicate. The fly can also be moved from the GPS joystick to running without you actually playing Pokemon Go.

  • Travel to all parts of the world with a screen
  • "Google Search" or "Synchronize searchability with any location to navigate.
  • Fixed position mode.
  • Shift position.
  • Add any location to your favorite option.
  • The change can fly easily from the joystick on the screen to the GPS / position again.

From the joystick

  • The joystick can be moved by dragging the order
  • Click and Joystick to keep tasks hidden from the joystick
  • Moved the set of joystick away

Developer mode

In developer mode is enabled here,

  1. Settings - Software - - Build number (7 clicks) on the phone.
  2. Settings - Developer Options - Or Allow Mock Location Mock Location Apps Selection (FlyGPS)


#Important: Please read it! #
  • ** Joystick mode active (movement mode) **
# Developer mode setting #
  • Preferences - Cell info - Software info - Build number (7 clicks) - Developer mode activated.
  • Preferences - Developer option - Allow mock location or mock location app selection (FlyGPS) - Use app