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11 07, 2017

In 2503, mankind on the resources of the planet. Humanity is desperate to explore its slavery fleet and discover new tools that are sent to the galaxy. This thirst for resources has kept us in touch with the old alien empire. They went into exile under you. Now, in 2516, we are a hero we need to guide our culture and re Can you be a hero?

Looking for sources, found in an exoplanet galaxy universe, mankind was forced to find the basis of human life. Through hundreds of stars in the galaxy and little fuel left to travel, humanity has finally found the right planet, the planet Eden.

When the mob finally emerged helpless their destructive attack or sea warriors destroyed. What looks like a dangerous fight is a promising and successful planet. There is no choice but to build our species of humanity Eden tax must be a new home fighting bunch.

For a hero of humanity, he looks forward to building our once-rich culture. Do you think the legendary commander? Are they intelligent and determined enough to lead humanity?

Are you ready? Let's have that hero! Join the fight!

Game Features

  • Battle, chat and interact with players around the world. Galaxy Wars provides a real-time translation. They will not only meet with players from all over the world, but they also have barrier-free communication with them.
  • Various and challenging strategies. Build their own base and high tech forces and conquer and rule the planet Eden. That way you are dependent on him.
  • Combine powerful stars. Members are recruiting or recruiting Star Alliance and fight with players from all over the world. Defeat the enemies to run, smash your allies and equipment!
  • Exciting PvP system. Here you can join the coalition war, fight for the government of Eden, or fight for yourself? The way you want
  • Based on Future Weapons and laser weapons, energy weapons, menu warmest, jumps and displays, such as ancient science and technology.

Kick both Air Force, improve your squadron and protect the galaxy from alien attacks! Just download the super game store!

Please note: We are a small developer, you are promised to get the best mobile gaming experience. If you are looking for a quick blast with our various other titles, why not try this game and have a lot of fun. We look forward to getting feedback. So do not hesitate to post a comment. We will improve more games in the future. thank you!

What is special about Galaxy Wars Game

  • Super addictive and challenging gameplay
  • One of the most stressful and fun space shooter game
  • Well detailed graphics add many features
  • 3 difficulty hardcore for casual gamers
  • 4 spaceship models and five powerful boosters
  • Various enemies and exciting boss battles

How To Use

The new commander based on the human exoplanet Eden. Your base develops upgrades to their buildings and research technology. Other players collect resources on loot building and equipment strong force that found the planet. Attachment comes for support and protection. Together you will be stronger. Complete signs and distinction to earn gift packs or buy tasks. A quick change in your article terms will be very useful.