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7.0.1 Android 용
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6 25, 2020

A sample Device Policy Controller test for use with Android for DPC-Function. It gives you the opportunity to see how the developers treat the application as a device owner or profile managed context. Please note that this application is used for development only. The product is not intended for consumption.

The first applications developed by this application initially tested developer software. This app will not be useful if you are a regular user of this application. It is not intended for product uses, and applications should never be used with real data.

Test DPC App for App Developers

See how the app will deal with managed references in the developer app's possibility profile. Users can create work profiles to allow work programs to set program limits, set up security policies management and more. So, in other words, the developer will do all of these tasks, and testing meets the main purpose in new applications.

This application allows the developer to arrange models for monitoring the various behaviors of their developed applications. As context-driven

  • To device owners
  • Managed profile

There are some other system functions that the user can go with because of the test DPC.

  • Work Profile Set
  • To enable applications at work
  • Set restrictions on certain applications
  • Managing security policies

Test DPC also behaves as an established ref4eence in relation to other DPCs. You can test source code for DPC on GitHub.


Canceled, after installing the software after testing DPC application seems to be the result of birth sculpture or battery.

Users Review

User 1: Complete waste! This app really has the ability to give your whole family, our network, so it was just blocking the way we couldn't leave destroyed online, I have administrative rights on Android and I didn't have to restart my phone again. My Android reset factory defaults ... You should be ashamed !!!! I finished reseating all your passwords IMEI, and because of the way, it took my phone and other personal information. I hate to give all the stars! If I chopped, I'm Sue !!!

User 2: This is the best I ever did I rent four phones away at Google and I call this awesome person who downloaded the app and this app I respect rape call me to unlock it and I thank you for making it download and make a simple calculation, but every time I say that it is relevant that he did not call me or

User 3: I can connect to a Demo EMM server with a managed configuration of TestDPC. Can you make it available? 

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Fix bug which caused crash on Android 10 and below.

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