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Two-factor authentication (TFA) is easy, convenient and secure when you use Microsoft Authenticator. Use your phone register for your phone, your Microsoft account. Just enter your username, please send it after your phone acceptance letter. Fingerprint, facial ID, or two-step verification process security pins have another level. After you type in with two-factor authentication (TFA), you can use the Take OneDrive, Office and all Microsoft products and services like

In Microsoft Authenticator, multi-factor authentication (MFA) is supported even if you have to enter your password to perform another level of password protection. When typing with two-factor authentication (TFA), you will enter your password and then you will be asked for an additional way to prove it. Or a notification is sent to the Microsoft Authenticator or is generated by a one-time password (OTP) application. One-time password (OTP) codes will be calculated under the 30-second timer. This time, so you don't need to use two-time based one-time passwords (TOTP), and the numbers you don't remember. Required time password (OTP) can be connected to the network, and don't let it drain your battery.

You can add multiple accounts from your app, including non-Microsoft LinkedIn, Github, Amazon, Dropbox, Google, Facebook, and more. Based on an industry-standard time password app (TOTP) supported when you can get all your online accounts. Only two-factor authentication enabled on all accounts (TFA). Then, when you log in, you will always have your username and password as usual. Finally, enter the One Time Password (OTP) Microsoft Authenticator app.

Sometimes you can ask your work or school if some files, e-mail or access Microsoft Authenticator can set up the application. You must register your device for your organization and add it to your work or school account through the application. A Certificate Base Certificate Issuer-based authentication on a Microsoft Authenticator device. These login applications know of no trusted devices and will make every entry you use from your organization native and secure additional Microsoft applications and services without the help you need. Microsoft Authenticator has proven personal support since once again proving your identity, so other Microsoft doesn't need an app on your device.

  • Fingerprint ID
  • Face ID
  • PIN

After registering a user with TFA, they will have access to all Microsoft products such as Outlook, Office OneDrive.

MFA (Multi-Factor Authentication):

Microsoft Authenticator user can also be used for MFA (Multi-Factor Authentication). You can add another layer of security by adding your password.

When the user enters through TFA, they are prompted to enter the password, and then when they are actually the account user. To prove this, they must enter a password that is generated by the application itself. Code OTP (one time password) is a 30-second timer. Timer forbid service forms with OTP for more than one time. The OTP code also requires that it discharge any network connection or mobile battery. You can visit Microsoft Support for more information.

Adding another account:

In Microsoft Authenticator, you can add other non-Microsoft following accounts and applications.

  • LinkedIn
  • Github
  • Twenty
  • Dropbox
  • Google
  • Facebook

The TOTP code of applications (such as a time-based offer one-time password) allows secure accounts for each of your user accounts.

Your organization with register application:

Sometimes a place where you work or study uses Microsoft Authenticator asks you to install a few e-mails, files or applications. This device needs to register your organization with the Microsoft Authenticator app. It will issue a certificate to the device. It is also reported that a login request is organized by another trusted device. Once approved by Etymology, users are seamless and secure access to all applications or services for any application or organization, without foot city.

User Reviews

User 1: Time is a waste. Excel says I need to approve a code expert. An authenticator will tell me I have to approve any code before, allowing other code to be approved, but they cannot address my log in deleted because I think lying code is required to approve. In other words, I can use another app to sign my self-acceptance without the need for me. No wonder people are on Google Sheets; It works.

User 2: I'm signed up to have your Microsoft OneDrive problems: If I get used to Authenticator here, and with a series of 2 matches every time here, and I'm going to fit it, it's not always the state of the tool or the number, and I put two advantages. 2 My OneDrive reached password2 again! (I know, I've forgotten two very easy many passwords, just saying the optional input method is pretty simple 4 ok to me .... please !!

User 3: Simple. Intuitive. I used 3 or 4 different certification programs for Steam, Star Citizen, Uplay, Inc., and Microsoft. It took 30 seconds to compute many uses for one purpose because of the urgency to write in the wrong sense and they all use funny random number sequences to be a mistake. Microsoft's approach is better IMO. No input or shell screen. The easy one-touch system automatically pops up and you just touch the appropriate box and approval. I just do this now 

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