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72.1 MB
2.3.1 Android 용
업데이트 날짜:
7 02, 2020

Drive Ahead! A Gladiator Car War. Trash his helmet with various alien saucers in your friends' monster truck cars! Crash hundreds of cars and planes bring endless hours of helmet action and unusual accidents! Go before the game! Four game modes. Battle your own device or Friends in two-player games on local multiplayer Wi-Fi! Explore stadium missions through dinosaurs, aliens, and robots!

The best game to be found is that in this game you need to show excavators for driving different vehicles in the car very well racing your skills. Each vehicle will give you a different atmosphere and feeling drive. Therefore, your ability to drive a very good challenge for this game. In addition, the theater and the opponent also speed with different Ram cars, so you should be careful when playing to play. You should not be smart to fall into the trap because it will take many chances for you to make confusing play.

You will be excited if the powerful truck tries to destroy its rival game. The game also has a lot more players for light sports car entertainment. The game will give you the opportunity to buy another car and put a complete collection game very well together. So while playing the game, you also said that some features of the game will add comfort during the game. The game has a pixel graphic that will look beautiful on your Android. In addition, it is because it uses real physics to make a great sense of the game and more exciting.

The game offers a variety of vehicles for your ability to ride a test car. In this game, you want to collect a virtual credit card and use it to play tons of machine unlocked scans to unlock loads of theater. In addition, the game also has some advantages and disadvantages that people should be aware of.

Play as the next ride! Many modes of play:

  • Weekly action competition with players around the tournament on the world stage!
  • Early fire multiplayer battles or fast-op challenge challenges your friends!
  • Enter the Crack Riders universe for a powerful unlock and unique ride!
  • While exploring great prizes robots and redressal hazards such as aliens, foreign mission stadiums !!
  • Can you do as long as the reigning King of the Hill before going to Kaboom?


  • Give it a challenge in the game as it tests the ability of people driving cars
  • The game has some theater to play
  • It will give good graphics and a real physics game in real life.


  • The game is not too difficult to control
  • Because the game is necessary to play memory

How to play

For this reason, you can play all you can to win this game to play Drive For Android ahead. Choose the best car to drive. The best vehicle to drive is easy to use. Vehicles Select Large Specs Gradually drive slowly into the area that you will not be very well mastered yet. 

새로운 기능

Team up and conquer alternative dimensions in the upgraded Rift Riders events!
  • POWER UP: Powers drop to playfield during Rift Riders! The further you get, the more powerful and crazy your car will become!
  • Rift Riders now uses 3 Car teams!
  • Damage and Health are now utilized in Rift Riders!
  • Redesigned rift challenges are different every time you play!
  • Reward multiplier: Spend multiple tickets in one run for multiplied rewards!
  • Coin bonus: Gain extra coins when playing Rift Riders!