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6 28, 2020

GBWhatsApp is a popular APK among many users these days. You can use this app on your phone download provided to us via download link. This app is awesome in terms of features. In this app you will get many features, you will not see the official version of WhatsApp. There are many GBWhatsApp features that offer the best DND GBWhatsApp. If you can enable DND on WhatsApp, you can still use the Internet and other applications.

Many modern WhatsApp programs like YOWhatsApp, WhatsApp addition, GBWhatsApp, etc. But I think in the middle of them all GBWhatsApp is the best modern. You can use it on your phone without problems. Many other social networking programs are also available. GBWhatsApp is the lightest, simplest application you can ever use. This application has many functions that cannot be used in other applications. For example, to send messages to your friends that WhatsApp, and delete it. If you have information that will be your friend, destroy this message. We shared a few tutorials on the way GBWhatsApp

If you want to know some features of GBWhatsApp already installed on the phone. Below is a look at some of the top features of the GBWhatsApp app. GBWhatsApp has many personal features available to use in finding you. But the top features we need to take care of are taken into account. So let's take a look at that.


  • All functions available GBWA MOD
  • Change theme
  • Download free amazing themes created by some users of GBWhatsApp
  • Dual / WhatsApp multiple accounts
  • In different languages
  • Status can be copied
  • Video, audio, images send large files
  • Video files are sent up to 50 MB
  • Hide your online status, double tick
  • View message Hide Hide message jam
  • Work online
  • Send 10 more photos
  • GB's new WhatsApp users, and customized emoji
  • Backup Utility
  • Add stickers from Google Play
  • Different launcher icons
  • Tucked chat feature
  • Hide write mode
  • Incognito recording mode
  • WhatsApp web features, but it can not be connected to work
  • Messages autoresponder
  • Creating and using themes by other users using GBWA
  • Audio can be shared by 100 MB
  • Instead of limiting the video-sharing mode to 7 minutes 30 seconds are used
  • Password enabled
  • Amazing tick styles
  • Launcher icons cool
  • Change notify twelve icons
  • Multi GIF provider
  • Replace video player
  • Logs
  • Message Scheduler

All these details feature

Auto Response Message

The only feature that we see YoWhatsApp with GBWhatsApp, you can enjoy the same. You can send a message response to any contact. Field Nordauto will put all the text of the messages you need, and you're done.

With this function, you can automatically send messages to the person contacts you try. Although third parties can officially use this feature in Whatsapp's version with the GBWhatsApp functions build you need this feature to enjoy third-party apps.

Media Partnerships

Either way, we reduce the quality to save space like the original compressed WhatsApp application file and command. However, with GBWhatsApp WAMODs, you can move without loss pictures with their original quality.

You can also add images, share video and audio options. My knowledge of what to make with GBWA in the media and the updated official WhatsApp version is an option on the change available. Here's a list of what you can enjoy in GB WhatsApp:

  • You can send 50 MB
  • Send Resolution Images to Ken Max
  • You can use 100 MB send audio
  • Image mode output at full resolution
  • Can video conditions for recharge 7 minutes
  • Access from the Customize section, Menu Menu> GB Settings> Display> Media Sharing.

Other Features GBWhatsApp

We have reviewed the majority of integral functions covering some additional features immediately after downloading the Wamod.

All of the proof of hostage comes with the latest version of the anti-ban code so you don't have to weigh.

Lock: You can lock your app with a passcode and protection Add your secret chats. Usually, you do not need official WhatsApp, but GBWhatsApp is used by a third party.

Video Player: You can play the media game of a third-party video player such as MX Player as a pro or VLC player.

Disable voice call: If you want to receive any calls from your contacts, you can disable voice calls.

Stay online 24/7: Live 24/7 online when the screen option is off. A great feature is the show when you are busy.

Personal chat lock: You can disable a specific conversation. You can do this by opening the Chat window menu.

DND: By using active DND mode, you will not get an internet connection. If you do not want to stay connected for a certain period or during the holidays, this is a great feature.

Group B: You can send broadcast messages to multiple groups at once.

What is new

  • [Able] sticker photos (emoji/sticker)
  • [Enabled] Chat Enabled 3 Archive Points
  • [Enabled] Add barcode to scan contacts
  • [add again] Add image profile view 
  • [Fixed] Contact online toast
  • [fixed] It doesn't work on full resolution.
  • [Fixed] Background image when preview color
  • [Fixed] Proximity sensor (if disabled) does not work
  • [Fixed] Crash Android 4.4 users
  • [Fixed] Always working online
  • [Fixed] 80% of the situation is the problem faced with downloading .. (previous download mode).

People ask about it over GB WhatsApp

What GBWhatsApp?

GBWhatsApp Internet, also an alternative version of WhatsApp seems to be because of GBWA. That modded version can be found on the official website of Gbwhatsapp, some amazing features that you can not find the simplest version best downloaded on the Washington Devlifestyle.net MOD version. You should know that Gbmods WhatsApp does not run WhatsApp Inc. development and is served by some other developers, directed by Benefits.

Is it GBWhatsApp Safe to Use?

No Application You may have temporarily banned WhatsApp application from your account WhatsApp GB, is not safe for fair use. On the other hand, it is not harmful to your Android device. Offer many links to your APK GBWhatsapp APK files and third-party site files, these sites are carefully malware editing your personal data. As long as you back up your device as programs downloaded from trusted sites like Devlifestyle.net.

How do I do GBWhatsAPp?

To download Gbwhatsapp on your Android GBWhatsApp official website, Devlifestyle.net is on the menu, GBWA is directed Click this download to download "Download WhatsApp of GB". That is, I advise you to select the version, select the latest version and click on it. Once you click on Download Stars.


GBWhatsApp" is one of the best versions of Mod Washington. Properties To Use It Do you many people fall in love with this application. People, Download WhatsApp of GB or GBwhatsapp and the latest version and more on the Internet. Download the latest version of "GBWA" APK from this page. We invite you to a new version, and as soon as it is free the latest version of this site. Before you have downloaded GB WhatsApp I rarely use your main account number GBWA otherwise recommend your account as a temporary ban temporary account. Gbwhatsapp official holding the latest GBWhatsApp on the official version of the official modes GB and APK site DEVLIFESTYLE.NET Go. 

새로운 기능

  • Base Update To 2.20.157
  • Group Chats Tab Enabled By Default (To Disable It And Back To Stock Design Go To > GBSettings > Home Screen > Header > Separate Chat-Groups).
  • Bottom Bar Home Screen Style (To Enable It Go To > GBSettings > Home Screen > Header > Navigation UI Style > Bottom Bar).
  • Light & Dark Mode Will Save Your Themes Settings Profile.
  • Fonts Preview (Now You Can Preview Fonts Before Applying It).
  • Returned Default UI Tabs Design After Installations.
  • Arabic, Urdu, German, Turkish, Spanish, Russian Translations
  • IG Status disappearing Fixed Bottom Bar Not Working In Urdu Language.
  • Group Description Not Clear In Dark Mode.
  • "App Not Installed" Error On Some Devices.
  • WhatsApp Emojis & Stickers Show In Phone Gallery.
  • Swipe Between Screens When Swipe Row Is Enabled Fixed Custom Privacy Checkbox Not Showing In RTL Languages.
  • Fingerprint Timeout Randomly Switches To "Immediately".
  • Custom Privacy Checkbox Not Showing In RTL Languages.
  • Fingerprint Timeout Randomly Switches To "Immediately".
  • Hide View Status Feature Not Working.
  • More Bug Fixes And Improvements!
Many Other Features Discover It By Yourself!