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8 13, 2020

As the name suggests is a program that will regularly address Google Contacts books for Android integrated with your Google Account contacts. If you are an avid user of Google's email service, you know that they integrate many different functions into the service. If you already have a mobile phone and personal contact information in your Google Account, you can integrate their contacts into one just for free. With this integrated system, you don't have to worry about confusing different contacts, and certainly some features about the new developments through the Contacts app are relaxed.

Applying Contacts to Your Favorites List and Lists There were only two contacts previously available to all Google lists. Well, a little development was added by Google with the inclusion of more information, and you have the opportunity to choose independence. The display and layout is very good. This is good color, modern design and simple. Connecting them all is easy, in any case, because you will be able to find your account in good use for it. What if you want to switch accounts? This can be done easily and in a short time. Do they want to go through different labels? It is always possible. What if you want to merge or duplicate contact information, check your contacts? Be my guest! Contact is a big easy air-powered number.

It complies with all traditional address booklets. You can see the contact name with your e-mail, phone number, and address. Be prepared without worrying about losing contacts and saving backup work from your contacts.

Next to this application Gmail, Drive failed, but may not always seem important. Some of the benefits are mentioned above. More Benefits Services is integrated with web-based platforms. If the problem is your call, you still manage contacts through a desktop computer or your smartphone browser. Android is automatically updated as Google Contacts in its activity.

Google Contact Properties

  • Easily add contacts such as e-mails and their photos, phone numbers, and edit information
  • Save the contacts to your Google Account and access them on any device
  • You will be in the same location located and will contact all your accounts
  • Duplicate your contacts at a glance
  • Configure your contacts to use labels,


  • The new development, despite its small capacity, is quite simple.
  • Additional features are included to improve efficiency and quality.
  • Admin account and integrated it won't be easy.
  • However, changes and adaptations can be made in a few minutes and you do not need a rocket scientist.


  • Compared to other contact management applications, Google is far behind.
  • Some tasks are very simple.
  • The Google app doesn't look strong to improve.
  • For some mobile phone users, the brand seems to find some applications for any updates - it just doesn't work.

How To use the app

All the things that make you love. For example, what should you do if you sync your contacts now? On your mobile device, go to Settings. Click Contacts and then click on your own Google Account. Make sure support is in contact. Then, click Current Account Advanced Options Use SSL. Click on the account, and you can try to add an account. Now it should work.


  • Other applications A new or streamlined way to add information to existing contacts
  • New edge-to-edge screen app content is now displayed on the bottom edge with a transparent navigation bar, so you can view as much content as possible.

User Reviews

User 1: Hi, maybe you can add a new function, e-mail contact list, and phone contact list separately. Duplicate heavy three copies or inventory to see if not. To know more about contact lists, additional functions cannot remove all duplicates. Or maybe you are just in touch with information or numbers that you can add to the merge. Thanks

User 2: One person causes many contacts in more different applications. In addition, WhatsApp and Telegram! All these duplicate contacts are very called adverse. It doesn't help, as delete duplicate contacts. It is great if the contact will be very new under the duplicate all the programs in terms of associated contact location.

User 3: They put great app option "Merge duplicate contacts" ... so now I have a contact 6 entries. And then if I decide to take an entry to remove (because it has 5 duplicates), it destroys three contacts. I'm a loyal customer Google app, but I'm switching to another app to try to manage their contacts. I'm very disappointed, I'm almost inclined to get an iPhone. 

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