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5.1 MB
9.8.000000012567 Android 용
업데이트 날짜:
7 09, 2020

All that takes up half the space on your smartphone and less resource memory, IMO Lighting is an instant messaging app with the same functions, as the standard version. IMO is an instant messaging app with the same functions. With light IMO, you can IMO with IMO. Beta will be able to communicate with users with the same version.

This app lets you send texts, photos, and videos. Whether you are in a video call or as a group with a lot of people that information allows you to talk to your phone with a person or as you want. You can do more with your family, colleagues, friends, and groups.

IMO Lite Features

  • Compact application: 5 MB, application super fast installation and use less space.
  • Smooth Power: Quick Application Enjoy Imo Instant Communication With Any One!
  • No ads: Complete all tasks without ads and free access!
  • Compatible with all networks: 2G network connection was made when slow and unstable.
  • Low Traffic: Increased Traffic Consumption Efficiency Less Information Consumption And Save More Money!

Call cross-border optimists:

  • All countries enjoy all calls to a fixed and easy number.

IMO Lite Work:

  • Free high-quality video and voice calls.
  • Share photos, emoticons text and voice messages with your friends.
  • Create chat groups such as family, friends, colleagues, etc.
  • Share different groups with ease and photos.
  • Search for chat history and contacts.

User Reviews

Very good... But I like .. This group makes phone calls better if and to turn off the camera. Because you say open the way and I have no need to start calling I camera...

These great little app bombs. No ads and all the annoying things other IMO. It uses less space and things. Bravo u guys Pls don't change the way that app works, it's nice. At its best ease.

I light the IMO, but my phone Samsung a30 answers batton work recovery while no work was finished. When I'm not talking then be able to cut my reputation finish. I will re-work the batton press regain call option proparly ending the batton.

What is new

  • Reduce APK size, faster installation, speed, and reduced disk space.
  • Call uses less data, other messengers use half of the data.
  • Easy user to call their loved ones for a customized call experience.
  • 2G network and 1G memory phone easily on.
  • Full access to all tasks without advertisement!
  • Free high-quality video and voice calls. 

새로운 기능

  • Decreased APK size, faster installation speed and less storage space.
  • Low data usage, calling data usage is half as other messengers.
  • Optimized call experience, easier for users to call their loved ones.
  • Run smoothly on 2G network and 1G memory phone.
  • Full access to all features with NO Ads!
  • FREE high-quality video and voice calls📱.