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TRANSFORMERS: Forged to Fight Apk

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8.4.3 Android 용
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6 17, 2020

TRANSFORMERS: Forged to Fight is a daring equalizer, fighting amazing popularity and we brought in Autobots, Decepticons, Predacons, and Maximals that many of its favorite characters inspired by Optimus Prime, Megatron, Bumblebee and much more.

This game, you will undoubtedly be, tells its fascinating and exciting story, as you are fully aware of the mission to play more entertainment, as such, the desire is full of action. Ultimate power, your favorite characters in the battle for all the Transformers world colliding member.

TRANSFORMERS: Forged to Fight, an action RPG is one of the most famous stories in the 30-year history of the franchise that you love to grow ready. This free game is typically played for your Android mobile device, requires a Wi-Fi or cellular connection and purchases optional applications.

Ideal with special attacks is the 360 ​​° arena, designed to launch all Transformers around the world, especially simple games to gather all boats of the universe and battle players away. You know, your base can join in to protect the Coalition and Combat Global Events form and you can invite their friends to avenge the attack!


  • Collect iconic boat from the Transformers universe
  • Special attacks Other players destroy destructive terrain and destructive to fight with the big 360 ° Arenas
  • Your friends, Forge Alliance and Team Battle over global events
  • Challenge to create revenge, protect boats and attack your base and attack the raid bases to take them hostile.
  • Runaway from epic robbery teams
  • Popular characters
  • Excellent graphics
  • Depending on your own
  • Fight with other players

Roll out!

  • Wi-Fi is required to play over cellular connections.
  • Purchase of alternative programs available.

Users Review

User 1: The game crashes every time I have a game you have seen up to a game accident. Do not spend money on this game. Devs don't solve this drama is a concern. If you fix this game, nothing can be ruined as their crash report. If you spend more time on Android there is a Samsung Galaxy device power to play the relaunched game. It's sad that Kabam cares so little for their players because the game is fun.

User 2: OMG had never heard of this studio Eve before, but they never worked amazing with my favorite franchise! Animations and models can provide simple yet satisfying conflict controls. Overall, the best Transformers title I have found. They have a great fan service here. My only complaint is, please God did not let me play Prime and are playing for an hour when I start to LOL! There is a lot of Transformer game because I am tired of the Prime Minister.

User 3: At first I thought that might sound really boring, but I was wrong. This game is amazing !!! Fully recommend. It can be fun, fights and many bots because it is really exciting. I know not only those who are not transformer fans recommend, but also those who do not know what a transformer! 

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New Features
  • NEW BOT Necrotronus is coming!
  • Titan Fragments - Collect a brand new currency that gives you access to previously unavailable bots
  • Experience the thrilling conclusion to Act 4, Act 4 Chapter 4 and face off against the toughest challenge in story mode yet!
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed an issue with the Thai language not displaying correctly
  • Fixed an issue with missing strings in multiple languages
  • Addressed incorrect Forge preview when Forging over level 100