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Avakin Life - 3D virtual world Apk

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1.042.03 Android 용
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6 15, 2020

Avakin Life - 3D virtual world experience where you meet people, chat and beautify! Decorate and design and exciting tours for your home in the sky!

Simulation and role-playing game with many possibilities!

This is an exciting and dynamic virtual world! A Second Life is where you want the person you are.

Create your avatar and join the fun part of millions of other already downloaded games!

Create your avatar, design and decorate your home. New, attractive brands looking to create their own perfect outfit to buy new clothes. Be a fashion star and center. Visits and parties to places in the sky. Out of your dream home. Send new friends. Explore the 3D world AVAKIN life of this growing virtual reality now!

Create your own avatar

• Role-playing and simulation, where you choose your ideal character, figure, hair, eye color and many more!

• Prepare your menu because you want to. Go nice or crazy - pick your favorite style and person that you never wanted to be the wildest of your dreams!

• Simulation in the world of virtual reality that gives you endless possibilities for expressing yourself!

Meet people and chat

• Chat games where you can socialize with millions of others!

• Meet people around the world

• Love dates, chat with other players and go friends!

• Collect your right outfits and latest trends, best style and advice on clothes from your friends showing.

• Compete with millions of other players or discover amazing brands and organizations all together! Share them to take pictures of your avatar on Facebook and win special prizes!

Perfect style

• Express yourself with awesome Avakin clothing brands and accessories too

• Fill your closet with browsing through hundreds of more popular items and stylish outfits.

• Game preparation (or down), your sense of fashion, style and other inspiration.

• Shop millions of clothes, shoes, skirts, bags, jewelry and other clothing and goods.

• Change their hairstyle or even a tattoo!

• Be a fashion star or model - the choice is yours!

Design your home

• Design and build your entire apartment

• Decorate your home - modern, classic or Hollywood style - which just fits the mood or the latest fashions.

• Planning Invite parties to friends or just spend some time with your date.

3D simulation game

• A world of 3-D virtual reality in which the person you have always wanted to be!

• Chat and meet with thousands of people

• Make a Great Second Life!

• Choose your appearance, clothes, and accessories.

• Be a fashion star or a model.

• Send. Send a message to friends and attentive hearts

• Ready to find awesome shop for brand new and fashionable outfits.

• Role-playing games with dozens of exciting places! Go to clubs, beaches, and many other places!

• Now design beautiful scenery in the wonderful world of Avakin's life and immerse yourself!

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• Bugs that were causing issues for some players have been fixed.