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8 10, 2020

You share your inspiration with discovering new ideas, love to eat at home, and you another Cookpad location.

Home cooking can sometimes feel lonely, and it can be difficult to find a daily purpose, but with more than 3 million articles, the largest municipality in the active world does not boil, and the ability to store in a storage wallet, you will fight for new ideas.

Enjoy the features of this app Cookpad

- Add your own recipes and share them with other users Cookpad

- Follow one of the latest recipes to explore ever-fresh feed cooks

- Plan whether you go to the next cooking with a daily meal planner

- List your cooked recipes, so you never forget the things you enjoyed

- Make changes that you keep in mind every time you make log cooking. - Do your recipe for each recipe in real-time cooking and following with the community and contact cooking can see all the changes you see that they make.

- Find more than one goods title food recipes.

Find daily inspiration

Through our global network, Cookpad recipe creators add thousands of new ones

Recipes every week there will always be something to spark or inspire. Don't miss Private Chef with a feed on your follow recipes.

Planning and storage construction cooking

As you can easily store new ideas in a daily cook organized research. You have to decide that you want to plan the next cooking and preparation has never been so easy.

And quickly you can be marked as something to cook, you can cook it. This means that there is a list of prepared recipes. Saved with long life, it was not all the food that you enjoyed in the past easily. Good work "" will be a problem with "" thinking cooked.

Join the world active cooking community

Cookpad Discoveries Highlighting the best way to enjoy and you have to share recipes and love to cook. Using it with our easy recipe creation tool, you can add your own recipes, ideas, and photos in minutes.

And the most beautiful was if a person does and follows his recipe. Cookpad history of each recipe of their food to cook. We can log in to the call and you can see where the chef or someone's recipe is enjoyed, check out their advice and how they see the changes and results!

You can even enjoy more inspiring cooks through and inspired by others - what makes a special Cookpad.

Cookpad is the world's largest homemade recipe sharing application, currently available in over 20 communities in more than 70 languages.

Cookpad has already helped millions of people to do the same thing:

  • Learn new recipes
  • Make a connection with other chefs.
  • Her cooking gains confidence.

새로운 기능

Thanks for using Cookpad!
  • We’ve made changes to the navigation bar to make it easier to find our most important features - there are now five tabs instead of three, including a dedicated tab for ‘Search’ and ‘Activity’
  • We’ve replaced the ‘Plan’ tab with a new ‘You’ tab and all of your recipes that were saved in the ‘Plan’ will appear in ‘You’
  • This update also includes general bug fixes and improvements to make your experience better than ever before!

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