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2 19, 2020

One Piece Treasure Cruise is the most well-known pirate anime based RPG game. The game is based on the popular title" One Piece" anime.

Android game is based on the famous One Piece cartoon story. One Piece Treasure Cruise Monkey Dee Luffy, a young man, grew up in the gift of pirates history artists. This game is a puzzle game where a bit of character, various elements of the outcome of the battle, shaft the enemies, assets and newly recruited soldiers and then power-up after the wave is recruited into your favorite team of qualified victims.

This exciting game of action maritime and naval forces is endless. For fans of One Piece, you will be able to experience through a favorite plot of the movie's favorites. Luffy Play "Strawhat Pirates" in this RPG adventure with his crew of pirates.

One Piece Treasure Cruise is a combat-based gameplay series. What you can better control is the user character, when he attacks the screen tap play offline. Players should use your intuition to make each individual use of character skills. Strengths and weaknesses of enemies are exactly the right answer. This precision must be made over time.

If the player progresses through the game, they can create their team level. As well as improvements, while improving their equipment and recruiting more soldiers and their statistics. Beginning will be a wonderful original story of very enemy players. A Peace Treasure Cruise World is varied and unpredictable, it's yours to explore.


  • Good resolution and adaptation
  • Constant added new content
  • Now tell the story


  • Destructive RNG
  • Need a higher location

Recruit the pirate crew

Players can create a team of original One Piece amine story characters that can be selected from more than 2,000 lists. Break your character to the limit or develop the level. Create a powerful sea crew in the world. Well, as the families of the collision.

RPG Battle System

The user will receive a one-piece treasure cruise with the RPG combat rooster system with play. The player needs a series of powerful, unleashing combat attacks to attack his crew with his crew. Sequential attacks can do more damage than some character combinations.

How to play

If you know exactly how to grow it, you can effectively play the game. Nevertheless, we can still find it by spending some tips and tricks. Excite a one-piece treasure cruise for Android against upgrading your crew more benefits before upgrading your ship, in addition to later. Also, do not forget the possibility of opening a random rainbow jewel. They are very valuable. What is more This tactical option gives your enemies a fair chance to use well in attack. They are useful for those of you who are against tough opponents, not easy to start with defeat. 

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Ver. 9.4.0 Update Details
  • Added new functions for Kizuna Clash!!
  • Added new functions for characters
  • Brushed up existing features
  • Minor adjustments with UI
  • Other minor fixes