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12 10, 2019

It is an open wild desert, dinosaurs anywhere in the world, you" "rest and share with the rest of the wild" ", every effort for the life of the experience has endured to create in this atmosphere the excitement of the game players wild dinosaurs help each other their own village in the human world. And find dinosaurs, fight to explore, and then work.

For starters, players can choose professional soldiers, students, housewives, waiters and more. The players would have a train, and then suddenly, as many dinosaurs began killing. After the train accident, everyone left the island.

A dog is always equipped with a full game war but a woman has a motorcycle vehicle to save the players. It teaches us how to make clean and simple tools to eat. Other NPC teachings will follow. For this tutorial, we can see the limit layout, must take a look to get a look at the game, and are like clothing, food, shelter, transport, and combat.

Players can choose the game on an island where their friends are friends, go to hazardous materials or start their own size near the completion of the learning experience. In part, this can be said in the hope of producing that the game and the MMORPG players like to make fun. I personally think island emergency jumps are even more fun! Of course, the floor is to find a good friend abroad is a good choice for talking! -Afkwardkcom

Basically, the independence of the game is very large, but basic life skills are the first step. Players pursue this in the fresh term, including carpentry, camping, manufacturing and buying these essential skills, including this part of total concentration.

In order to improve these skills in order to keep collecting the most important thing. After upgrading the level, you can create the final product and learn to have a lot, and players can choose to combine their stomachs to hunt or cultivate methods of fields, after which there is no fixed routine. In front of them, live, live or rescue pets as pets and cooperation and access resources, players can form tribes into actions.

Main Features:

Open world

  • Discover a large, prehistoric open large dinosaur, rich atmosphere and islands made full use of various flora and fauna
  • The Fat and Pioneer Coalition Your Inner Your Brain and Land Equipment
  • Discover different environments and important content islands giant
  • Farm, Aggregate Hunting, Crafts, Cooking and Extending Its Domain and Skills - Researching and living in a private, educated and appropriate island
  • Volatile valuable resources can be quiet dinosaurs, and an island full of mysteries to explore

MMO online

  • Work with colleagues to collaborate on facilities and integrate into larger villages that make you a clan
  • Hunting Involves PvP and Communities in Attacks and Fighting Big Dinosaur Islands - Fighting Online Games Against Other Groups
  • Explore and collect good resources and fight against enemy sets is always heading to the world heading to Savage Island to win.


  • You can capture dinosaurs and pets
  • Flexible reference system
  • It has very good mobile graphics


  • Limited information available for the game
  • Announce the date of each issue

Tips to play the game

In addition, from Dukes: One of the areas that can play forest games for Android, you should know to play this game. Also, here are some tips and tricks during the game you enjoy playing. The first tip is to make the game a game that will enable you to become a big fortress in the game. This will keep you from enemies and wild dinosaurs. Also, the trick that you need to help other players to play with a friend. With these simple tricks, you will win a dinosaur and games.

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