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Walking Dead: Road to Survival Apk

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7 09, 2020

Walking Dead: Road to Survival is a customized turn-based strategy game apk. In the game, players must build a team. The rest of the zombie team! Each of them has its strengths. You have to use their respective powers to deal with the zombies. Also, survivors can be found in the other team of zombies. You also need to destroy them.

The award-winning Walking Dead script is based entirely on a new story by Jay Bon Inga, the game based on the decision to reconcile the dark aesthetic, as you need to reflect on a strategy for survival.

Join the battle against Michonne, Rick and the other survivors of the dead, standing and dark enemies Governor Negan.

Walking Dead: Road to Survival Features are:

Hikers and survivors fight

  • The best strategy to fight and use violent opponents to survive and use
  • Loading and attacking opponents with Katana Michonne's special melee with lethal weapon

Collect and outstanding rookie

  • Universe of the new survivors of the walking dead, collect each with their own special combat tactics

Upgrade their survivors

  • The higher the level of their combat strategy, the better the increased weapons and abilities
  • As you build your RPG the progress of your survivors is more without a cut tire

Strategy Gameplay - Advantages of exploiting strengths and weaknesses

  • War strategy is the key to powerful hit scoring - but watch out for revenge attacks
  • Strategies and Strikes to Win - Safeguard all of your combat tactics from Woodbury Keep survivors

Maps and the walking dead

  • Go to Dead Places comic research with the new 3D map of real places

Expand the base and WESTLAND into your community

  • Build outstanding homes, hold a workshop for crafts in your city-wide town hall, and more

PvP - raid enemy

  • Do Use your battle strategy raid enemy all out groups of resources in battle online mode
  • In the huge open world filled with potential enemies and malicious walkers in strategic multiplayer combat.

Alliance Group and online strategy

  • Keep more than one battle strategy secure together. The war strategy involves pulling allies and moving equipment in a deadly grim world group match to build bridges
  • Strategy with friends during the play fights and multiplayer role creation games

Walking Dead For The Iconic Struggle

  • Fight with your group for control of areas of the Dead
  • Fight and win safety positions in Alexandria, Woodbury, Sanctuary, and more

Change strategized decision history

  • Decision story mode effects and make every game drive unique
  • Make your own survivors agree to make this dynamic history and Walking Dead RPG

Live in-game events

  • Get new, unique survivors of valuable equipment and plays.

Walker, rip foundation rips the walls of your city during another downtown escape. When the time comes for fighting, what will you choose? 

새로운 기능

The Total War update is here!
  • Two all new War maps have been added: Sanctuary and Kingdom
  • Mercenaries have been added to War! Allowing you to jump into the fight faster in Road to Survival's premier event!
  • Intra-region matchmaking has been added to Cross Region War! You can now be matched against factions on your region and other regions during CRW events!
  • Six New Stronghold effects have been added, mixing up the War experience!