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8 04, 2020

Every day, we appreciate the greater security and privacy we expect TBE means to protect and protect our computer, tablet or mobile device, if that means that, because if surfing the web, especially the fact that we want to share it No, without your data our knowledge of TBE.

After all that in mind, Samsung developed the Internet browser, which means TBE-assisted by Android 5.0 or the best web browser on Samsung Galaxy and Google Nexus phones. Browser promises surf free because your identity and security are protect while you are online.

Samsung with Internet Browser DuckDuckGo comes to protect your privacy that is designed with many features that you find you should seek quickly and without problems. Browser also provides three-party apps, offering the use of block content, you can molest unwanted content without the TBE go online.

This app is just because it is very easy to use because also comfortable is easy to create daily activities online. If you online to buy normally, you don't need to worry. The Samsung Internet Browser supports just a few steps and protects your data securely with the tap on the phone and you can view the free web payment APIs and tools.

You can make a real passport web beacons near the feature works that name you send notification with so that useful information can easily access details and website.

Samsung Internet Browser and many others like Swipe Tab come with features like Vide and Amazon purchased as an accessory.

Our fast android browser

Samsung, the Internet uses the fast download speed device integrated functions without battery.

Declutter advertising with blocks

Samsung Internet Browser Ad-Block Compatibility Install Web Browse third-party apps with less clutter, time, data and battery savings.

Security and privacy

With Samsung Internet Browsers your information remains intact. Ever hidden, revealing information to your browser is a biometric authentication security layer.

Google and Bing, as well as search engine DuckDuckGis because privacy is also available, makes surfing your security like making it easy to keep.

Ultra power-saving mode

Samsung Galaxy devices provide a long life and emergency power-saving mode for battery life. Samsung internet-only web browser can be used in this case.

360˚ video and transition VR adjustment

Just link to see the 3D video and 360˚ they like to watch, and visit Transition VR's new reality with customized web browsing. If you do not want a watch 360˚ vide but headset, you can also view right in your browser.


Download Browser Bookmark Sync

Samsung TDate can synchronize Internet devices with cloud bookmarks, allowing keep saved pages and open tabs.

High contrast mode

The new high contrast mode can be enabled for use in setting. On the contrary, the increase, especially for those with poor vision, and makes it more accessible and easier to read.

Tracking Blocker (split by Inc.)

Built-in all trackers "tblock extension and browsing" "safe and private" "

NUSER general history data

Content Blocker

Samsung Internet for Android allows 3rd party content to stop provide filter programs. You can surf the screen on the Internet without confusing unnecessary content.

Low Content Blocker When enabled, new content blocking mode UI with one menu is blocked to see any content appears.

Tab swipe

Swipe left or right URL bar or toolbar your navigate Previous / Next tab.

Quick Ready Menu

New Quick Menu Extensions can be activated, giving quick access to useful functions.

Web Payments

Shopping on the Net is easier and safer to secure a secure new web payment API with just a few clicks, so check and what to do with pay.

Badge on Progressive Web Apps

Progressive web applications, applications or browsers such as applications are used, may be installed. The sides will support this feature, you will see the sign badge in the URL bar.

Web Engine chromium Upgrade 56

The following permissions are required for the application service.

Optional permissions, but not allowed, on the normal operation of the service.

Optional permissions

  • Location-based content requested by providing user or location used in building information access to the web
  • Camera: Used provide homepage recording function and QR code recording function
  • Microphone: The provide recording function used by the website
  • Contact: Used Websites Phone Store
  • SMS: provide for Wi-Fi access automatic SMS authentication function
  • Storage: Store files if used to download websites

Update your software version of Android is less than 6.0, configure application permissions software.

Enables the application menu reset in device settings after a software update before permissions.

How To use the application

For more information about how TBE easily use this application and find all kinds of delightful use, you do not follow. Start the app, then it is ready TBE and it will continue. If you use or block ad enabling, select a name and download options on one or more lists. They want incognito, hidden tabs to activate Samsung's status internet browser for Android.


  • VideAssistant
  • Direct menu settings
  • Better Tab Manager

What is new

  • Night mode fixes
  • High contrast mode
  • Quick app
  • Tracking Blocker
  • Download Browser Bookmark Sync
  • T56 Chromium Motor 

새로운 기능

  • Fixes for crashes related to login and more
  • Fixes for ghost notifications of file downloads
  • Stability and Security Improvements