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FINAL FANTASY BRAVE EXVIUS is an RPG Mobile Lost, developed by a Singapore-based game developer who already knows the Brave Frontier game engine well-known game Square Enix. This game is called Final Fantasy series, although one of the best games Which can be one.

Android, FINAL FANTASY BRAVE EXVIUS is really the same for comparison with the brave Exvius, but there are a number of hints that will be presented, especially gameplay, story, game scene, and social relationships. Now call us Exvius. This game tells about rain and two knights of Laswell called Grandshelt. They have been friends since childhood.

On a trip, meet him or a mysterious woman in crystal veritas that the devil's power wants to destroy the crystal stop. It can destroy the world. Intriguing is presented with a scenario, RPG typical story players can be suspended. Save the Putting Mission to the world, use this turn-based strategy of the fighting scene. This means players have to adjust the character running the first unit.

Party with 1 unit or a maximum of 6 characters. Each character has a different night, White mage, warrior, thief, saint, Black Mage, orders from the dancer and much more. This series is a fantasy game but also gives a number of the final popular characters of the previous series. The player will want to get your favorite character while in the game, because of this game he will not get bored. The characters are fully equipped with magic skills and unique effects.

Physical damage, magic damage, steadfast, tank debuff, and many more. Although it is displayed for the classical period to take part in 2D graphics all out of the game is primarily aimed at attacking effect. They make it more detailed and interesting. In addition, BGM and title track are increasingly players accustomed to playing this game more.

There are many large, interesting items, weapons, armor, and game, in which a variety of great things can be obtained. All taps can be fingers.

Nostalgic but new royal road RPG

  • Old-fashioned Final Fantasy
  • Taste leaves have developed an entirely new RPG.

Strategy battle with easy operation

  • Fight a high action, while you put the hammer in motion.
  • Magic was a combination of ability, and so on
  • Enjoy the brighter battle filled with strategy.
  • Active Time War Command War
  • A new form of war is born here.

Capture the dungeon in the field search

  • Search letters and letters dealing with touching areas and cellars.
  • In addition to the battle with the monsters, you will find an article
  • Find hidden paths and new ways ...
  • Information about the city to collect, in addition to shopping, contract for research, etc.
  • Prepare adventure necessary. Best RPG on Compact.

The character takes great!

  • The latest Dot technology brings new life to the FF world.
  • Various functions that display many special characters.
  • Special moves, full of strong effects, are like magic.

Brawl Beast is a powerful CG movie

  • An image group that claims to be Square Enix
  • High definition CG "visual functions" are generated by the film.
  • Summaries are known to series quality work products.
  • Also, FFBE original letters
  • Constant Hero Final Fantasy
  • Take a look behind the sign with the Coast Guard!

FF series characters have also participated in the battle!

The FF series appeared in a large number of well-known characters.

In addition to time and space, collect legendary warriors here.

  • FF1 Lichtkrieger
  • FF2 Freonir
  • FF3 Onion Fechter
  • FF4 Cecil
  • FF5 Butts
  • FF6 Tina
  • FF7 cloud
  • FF8 storm
  • FF9 Jiten
  • FF10 Tiida
  • FF11 Chantotto
  • FF12 Van
  • FF13 power
  • FF14 Yes · Formula
  • FF15 Entertainment nightlife videos and more


  • Nice graphics and effects
  • Simple gameplay with turn-based strategy
  • Attractive BGM and theme song
  • Different characters with full skills and magic
  • To explore the larger world


  • Limit energy system
  • Too addicted to playing

How to play

If you have a strategy guide, you can find more professional playing Final Fantasy, which makes it especially brave of the Exvius series. Being a big world, visit the advantage of a new city and armor shops to explore the game underarms. Buy the desired ingredients, especially those that were not previously available in the city. Then, visiting around an area that already offers some points for some art and treasures looking around.

Subsequently, the parties identify the research. When you visit a new city, it's almost social and the villagers talk. During the chat, they will reward you with many side quests. You players are not found in any store that looks away from certain articles. The last letter is increasing. Growth will enhance character before the process. That can be done by adding a rare sign of unity and choosing to rise.

This is a very small extension and when used in a fight, sacrifices more potential for normal team members to use for many XP benefits. 

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