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7 29, 2020

TrueCaller is free, call management application that says make up your number. After the Android app status, you can see the call answer ID. This number is not stored in your local phone book. TrueCaller is the most trusted telephone caller ID global app. As reputation is built.

If you move or you get a lot of your favorite app company calls from different numbers like TrueCaller. We protect an unknown number of spam calls for any protection and for ordinary users it serves as unwanted calls.

You can be thankful for all incoming calls of management, app, mobile fixed and prepaid phone numbers. You can see the answer to the call to your phone that you have asked before. Also, prevent unwanted calls with a list of spam numbers.

TrueCaller to use either the Facebook, Yahoo Active or the Gmail app. If you don't have one, you can connect to your database. If you have uploaded a social site, using phone numbers, contact names, including his contact e-mail address on a secure server. In the event, the will phone will then be sent to your application server's entire address book with the log on the app. These records are held and each number is assigned to the caller ID. The numbers used to display a TrueCaller number ID are displayed when the caller is associated with the number.

You can work with social networks with your photos on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn to enrich this app. You can also follow Tweet One or add your Twitter account. You can have secure uses, because of the application that also offers the possibility to create your own profile.

How does it work?

Give TrueCaller on the job and take the situation. They want you to share your phone book contacts with these unknown numbers. App for millions of users who have downloaded the app on your smartphone. The end-user asks the user for permission to address the agreement, the application user to use. After the information people walked in to lead the company's server programs. Its users charge no fee but collect important data is true Callers expanding your address book database, percent, while serving.

Algorithm All contacts when you create a profile who uses this app is not cached. Similarly, the account can be saved to other users to make the contacts, contacts will use your money and show while other users went. Similarly, there is another contact.

Powerful Dialer:

  • The world's best caller ID is for identifying calls
  • Spam and this block
  • See the names of unknown numbers in the call list
  • Call recording records important phone calls and save them to your phone
  • Request location, emoji, and status instant messaging on your friends
  • You know, if you talk freely, you are your friends
  • Backup call history, Google Drive contacts, and settings

Smart SMS app:

  • Automatically identify all unknown SMS
  • Block automatic spam and telemarketing SMS
  • Name and block number range

TrueCaller Premium will receive and receive:

  • Record telephone calls
  • Learn who watches on your profile
  • Private profile view options
  • Get a premium badge on your profile
  • 30 contact requests per month
  • Show

True Caller has full dual SIM support!

* Load your phonebook to make or discover TrueCaller public *

What TrueCaller for Android?

It allows Android users to identify specific application block spam sms messages and unknown call with spam. This app is an unwanted filter for all kinds of communication and is meant to connect users, people who really want to communicate with those who make it easier than ever. 

TrueCaller Android for free?

The Android app is completely free and used without limit downloads. However, as soon as these pop-up ads and people that want subsidies get paid for these ads and a small fee to get a smooth user experience,

What is TrueCaller Availability for Android?

Availability is a special feature of user status to mention that people want when they call. A red dot is busy with another call to see if they seem to have a green dot contact for some contact or other reason, indicating that they are free to talk.

Can I Create a TrueCaller Spam Filter for Android?

Those who can very easily block with TrueCaller are populated with spam messages. Users just block every icon that they think needs to be blocked and you want to, and then block that icon almost immediately by blocking multiple messages.

What were the benefits of TrueCaller for the paid Android version?

TrueCaller will decide to remove pop-up ads, people who pay the fee immediately. They also do 30 contact requests each month that they will be considered to ask you to view the contact name's phone number.

Mark TrueCaller as a spam Android message, you wonder if I mistaken?

The number of users that have accidentally very easily rectify a situation marked as spam. Just search for facts and then tap or not to restore spam or unblock order.

Can I Make My Android Standard Dialer TrueCaller?

For those who miss TrueCaller call notifications, we must set this as the default dialer. Normally total calls can be allowed to complete this process by avoiding the folded scrolldown by tapping the menu icon and accessing the information.

Can I Call Android To Destroy My TrueCaller?

Records can be removed at any time by selecting the menu button 3 bar in the top right corner, and then selecting Delete All Calls.

Can I Send FlashCaller Messages for Android?

People who want to send flash messages need to simply select the power icon to see the call log or contact tab. Tap on the icon to send name or contacts to select a required number of messages.

User Reviews

User 1: Premium Service, a caller call TrueCaller algorithm designed to spam at least 1,000 spam reports. So hundreds of spammers complain you can continue spamming. I believe that premium service has got to pay, spam is still easily accessible at 50%. If I email support, see if they can do something / that might happen, but it's not quite clear that it matters. Needless to say, I canceled my service.

User 2: This app is no longer difficult to get a fast enough ID. The progress bar moves. It's not a problem to download, display ads, but can't bring any kind of the same name. Edit: I'm getting results after the call. I'm usually on Wi-Fi. Edit: Recently launched. I notice any difference between mobile data and Wi-Fi. Because spam calls are always recognizable.

User 3: Imagination Establishment App works well, then all of a sudden you want to make an immediate call and try not to get connected. Please try again later. Message ". I don't understand why I should be able to call to join anything. They are also the default dialer of tasks (paid per month) independent. 

새로운 기능

  • Added the ability to schedule SMS messages to be sent later. Just long press the send button and switch to Schedule SMS mode.
  • Bug fixes and stability improvements.