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6 28, 2020

WhatsApp Plus is one of the most popular Android apps. So today I will tell you about WhatsApp Plus. Where listening to WhatsApp Plus is not working anymore. I am going to share with you today a plus, an excellent guide to WhatsApp. If available and were all used by a developer named Ralfanse that can be available. The WhatsApp has been developed by a modern developer named Omar. They all know that Wh WhatsApp Plus is no longer available, so the developer is done by them. First, we shared for use as an Android device; now we have enabled posts about WhatsApp plus Share.

Hide new and exciting property WhatsApp plus recently found a series of moves and comes with, download WhatsApp Plus for Android. Do you love it? You can change the theme of WhatsApp and your friends can easily share you theme.xml files. You can quickly upload files to your Android device. You can access WhatsApp and easy on your Android WhatsApp Android device without any changes. WhatsApp Plus With many great and great facilities, you will not find other WhatsApp modern applications. Enjoy the official WhatsApp Plus rave and check it out now on your own tools to download it now. See youtube for Android.

What is WhatsApp Plus?

The best WhatsApp Plus clone will be placed online by Alex modification available. Aesthetic point of view It is very similar to YoWhatsApp APK and is completely based on itself. WhatsApp Plus APK Clones are very popular, and the special difference is with the normal modes. If you do not have the official version of Unique every day searching for something comprehensive, you can usually download WhatsApp Plus APK, which you do.

Well, there is no doubt YoWhatsApp support for many WAMODS, but no doubt these features do not offer a mini version and include less space. Most WAMODs Annoying Ads, However, WhatsApp Plus APK is no annoying ads. Thus there is no complication and irritation if you have to send a message. One aspect I think the best thing about Whatsapp Plus APK is that you can use it with 4-accounts with different numbers.

Features of WhatsApp Plus?

The best thing about design is modern WhatsApp and Alex, that's not all. You can enjoy all the features of the forms which support this. These include:


You can often be restricted to one or the other because your account is afraid to get in? Now, WhatsApp Plus does not have such problems as your account with proof of limitations.

Use of multiple accounts

Dual account
  • As already mentioned, you can use 4 WhatsApp Accounts Plus to use WhatsApp. You can be thrilled with how miracles can be performed in personal and professional life.
  • Generally, two gives you everything you need, but if you want to run four different accounts, you make it to get modern comfort.
  • When it is true. You have to log in to download WhatsApp Plus APK to deal with NoWhatsApps orders for four different accounts.
  • Now you can use 2-3 accounts while using and using 4-accounts is a crazy feature.

Topics and adaptations

  • Extensive customization options are popular because of their ability to provide a common part of the official application.
  • Deep customization option and the ability to create your own design - the look and feel of your app just gives it a deeper meaning.
  • Sun has no options for customization but handy features that you use to improve the wide-ranging, easy-to-use acclaim.

Here's a list of things that you can customize in WhatsApp plus:

  • Main / Chat screen
  • Conversation screen
  • Widgets
  • Population inversion
  • Media Partnerships

These options can be the interface to them if you want to play with any application of freedom and be loyal to the freedom you envision to get with this app. Go to Customization / Optimization Options> Accessories for the theme and more options.

Video player

We can all agree. The default player on WhatsApp is useless. You know, though we disagree. OK, so let me tell you, you can change the default video player and set the MX Player as the default? That will change everything. it's not? T

Additional features help players provide the best overall sound application and video quality makes me even better-to-video game applications. Then you have to spend a few dollars, I highly recommend the MX Player for the ad-free experience outstanding. Video Settings with a third-party video player as the Settings Video> Other modification> Standard video game app


Frequent updates make an app great. Everyone has an improved performance, eye-catching and easy-to-use interface that is simple and addictive, and wants to see something new. So, the best thing about it is. They provide updates on an ongoing basis. So every month, you might expect new features, improved bugs, improved functionality, and enhancements to come up with a list of customization options included.

Other features

  • Plus with built-in lock mode: WhatsApp can be locked with your WhatsApp password to protect your data. You do not need to install any of these third-party applications.
  • Online with: WhatsApp Plus mode, you can be online at any time when the screen is idle. An Internet connection, however, is required due to this feature.
  • There are backup data backup options available so that when you chat with your back up, you can easily and without problems. Before WhatsApp Plus APK is updated to create your data, there is initially a process for supposedly backup.
  • Voice Call Disability: WhatsApp is also a passive voice call that you can not make entertainment calls. It allows you to block sound when enabled with a simple click option.
  • Delete Anti: Another impressive feature is allowing the adversary to see you destroyed after the text option. 

새로운 기능

  • Base Update To 2.20.157
  • Group Chats Tab Enabled By Default (To Disable It And Back To Stock Design Go To > GBSettings > Home Screen > Header > Separate Chat-Groups).
  • Bottom Bar Home Screen Style (To Enable It Go To > GBSettings > Home Screen > Header > Navigation UI Style > Bottom Bar).
  • Light & Dark Mode Will Save Your Themes Settings Profile.
  • Fonts Preview (Now You Can Preview Fonts Before Applying It).
  • Returned Default UI Tabs Design After Installations.
  • Arabic, Urdu, German, Turkish, Spanish, Russian Translations
  • IG Status disappearing Fixed Bottom Bar Not Working In Urdu Language.
  • Group Description Not Clear In Dark Mode.
  • "App Not Installed" Error On Some Devices.
  • WhatsApp Emojis & Stickers Show In Phone Gallery.
  • Swipe Between Screens When Swipe Row Is Enabled Fixed Custom Privacy Checkbox Not Showing In RTL Languages.
  • Fingerprint Timeout Randomly Switches To "Immediately".
  • Custom Privacy Checkbox Not Showing In RTL Languages.
  • Fingerprint Timeout Randomly Switches To "Immediately".
  • Hide View Status Feature Not Working.
  • More Bug Fixes And Improvements!
Many Other Features Discover It By Yourself!