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1.5.6 Android 용
업데이트 날짜:
2 26, 2018

The sixth character [the fighters] are here!

That female warrior former secret treasure!

Being a fighter and a great evil to win now!

Approved by 35 million users worldwide!

Darkness Reborn is an action RPG that you find nowhere else!

Sharp, bone-breaking attacks!

- High-end graphics like a blockbuster PC game!

- You feel satisfied! Destroy the evil forces with The Immaculate Action and Impact.

- A special line-up of powerful sections!

- Rock hard body with the warrior, destroyed skills

- Kunoichi, the dark brutal killer

- Dana, mysterious sorceress with the dance Chakram

- Daemon Hunter, sharpening obstacles with his powerful and precise arrow storm

- I will destroy standing in their way. Savage, destruction double ax!

Unique scale and flawless real-time content!

3 PvP and Top Series Rank: 3 wins

- Monuments scale for mobile games! Winning play smart team boss raid.

- Crack 2 selection caller for the party elite

- Endless fight for victory begins! Prove your worth like Maze.

Ultimate Fight Fight!

- Auto Battle System! Heavy material was conquered at light speed.

- Customize your characters! Craft, improve and develop your heart's desire!

- Combine Skill 1296! Prepare, fight against the forces of evil.

- 25 million downloads action RPG worldwide. The Dark Experience action is reviving in a new era!

* The game requires the following permissions for the best gameplay.

- You can invite a friend to synchronize your address book and access device status

[Reed_contekts, Reed_faon_stet]

- Sync your Google Account


- Allows necessary game information to be saved externally

[Reed_akstrnl_storej, Write_akstrnl_storej]

** This game is available in English.

** It can try to get additional costs if certain elements.

새로운 기능

- New Equipment Grade: Ultimate. - New Global 3:3 PVP.