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1.3.2 Android 용
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3 13, 2019

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Marvel: Avengers Alliance 2 is rated 7+ for apk content that can be downloaded and installed 17 API and is supported on Android devices.

Marvel: Avengers Alliance 2 will be closed on 2 September 30, 2019, Thank you for your appreciation for their passion and commitment to play our game and learn 

Collecting war strategy!

Marvel: Avengers Alliance 2 is a strong mobile gaming experience, a great breeze, and amazing high-quality visuals to smash Avengers Alliance 2 large-scale sequel to the hit-wonder.

The Avengers, Daredevil, galaxy, guardians of Spider-Man, and you collect a team with confrontation, epic super-villain Baron Strucker, and other superheroes! Galactic collision is known as a mysterious series of infiltration, the fate of the planet at risk. You need to prevent the destruction of the entire universe of powerful energy use ISO-8. The world in front of friends and deadly enemies and a strong team with other players.

• The last team to defeat the infamous super villains

• Do not operate Epic 3-one and defeat the forces of evil

• Level and adjust superhero

• Collect and equip unique abilities for each Super Hero

• Dozens of missions to take on replay

• Win bonus rewards for completing everyday tasks

• Get great prizes PVP Tournament

• Win a mission team of superheroes with friends

Before you consider this experience a program that includes:

• Social media links to connect with others

• In-app purchases that cost real money

• If you know that we have to accept push notifications to keep it exciting updates like new content options

• Display advertising prices, including the option for the third party

• Companies Walt Disney Family Advertising

The application is easy to communicate with your contact information to enable access to your contacts. Download and use the high-resolution features and content, this application requires the issuance of a few large media files on your external storage device.