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Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes is an RPG with a turn-based combat system installed. In the game, you can collect some of the most iconic characters of the saga of Star Wars. You can use them all with the fight for the last group of heroes and the galaxy. Are you

When the game starts, you are given only a handful of unimportant characters as a Stormtrooper or basic Jedi. But, because you get more missions and battles, you can find new and more powerful characters. Han Solo, Luke Skywalker, Darth Vader, Darth Maul, and Chewbacca, are famous characters you can recruit for your team ... if you only have a few battles on one side or the dark side of light.

Star Wars™: Galaxy of Heroes players to play galaxy virtual holodeck characters and team control. This allows the soldiers and the Jedi Clone players to remain on the team.

Players play against the movement and by defeating the campaign others can reach the ultimate goal of other horror masterpieces. Users can update your character and progress through the game by updating new forces.

Each fight is more difficult than the last budget, and players have to try to get new bonuses every time. Star Wars™: Galaxy of Heroes, so you can quickly push for microtransactions with real-world figures.

The main features of Star Wars™: Galaxy of Heroes

  • Different characters.
  • Pretty diverse Lukin the Shins.
  • Play as a turn-based combat.
  • The building is likely.
  • Collection of heroes.
  • Training is likely to increase the strength of the hero.
  • Fight in the best places.
  • To increase the ability to upgrade character abilities.
  • The choice was also a strategic and tactical decision.
  • Beautiful graphics gameplay.
  • The possibility of creating special characters was reversed.
  • More ...

The final team

Rebel leader? Caesar veterans? While collecting elite light and heroes from the dark side teams, create a Star Wars ™ universe and other characters to choose freely. Develop your strategy and important step in this epic RPG. Choose players with complementary skills and battle with the Unbeatable squad!

GALAXY was the subject of a Master's

Defeat your opponents and ascend to the top you dominate the galactic away from Cantina based holo games. Equip your hero skills and improve your combat tactics by playing for more powerful attacks and big gainers. Then the galaxy battle team Cantina won on the PvP Arena team and fight against other players in the competition team.

Play with powerful champions

Smart, tactical decision and cool gear equip your hero to increase your damage. Place your team as it stays invincible to make Darth Vader strike the force and destroy the young Han Solo tactical shot accurately destroying the commanding skills of Luke Skywalker Fun.

Epic Ship Deal

To collect the Millennium, Falcon and giant capital ships, including Admiral Ackbar's home unparalleled spaceships, a maze to build his fleet. You're a good head in space warfare and implement quick planning to turn the tide into a war with the right tactics. Test the competition to face new challenges and funnel their skills fleet to the arena. Only collect upgraded content on the characters as a prize available. Each container person has their own team and strategy, to add special abilities to the ships. Hire a powerful pilot to build a strong fleet! 

Increase cooperative TOP

Lead raid with friends and create a custom guild AAT tank and Sith trio if you fight the boss of xenophobia. Where members cooperate, more and more are released on the battlefield to develop a strategy for creating characters and ships with their entire arsenal guild. Show your supremacy Global Leaderboards to win the top of the territories against the war on the States and other guilds.

What's new for the Star Wars Galaxies hero

The much-anticipated improvement in quality of life is here this year, and it is full of new and tons of savior for long-time players and gameplay enhancements. 

- Raid simming for an experienced guild

- Completely fight ice debuff/repair interface

- Business Strategy Management and Loadout tools for change

- Improve multiplayer PvP marriage

- A whirlwind of small polish products, user interface updates, and improvements

Discover our super champion strengths

As well as the usual characters and units, this game is a super champion that everyone wants on their team. That being said, these unique non-heroes come with destructive attacks or skills that can completely change the tide of battle. I also hope the Skywalker fights for the future, so apply force or suppress the strike or continue exploring. You can become the strongest commander in the universe.

Star Wars travels through the universe

The game Star Wars where a post player can usually travel around the world's leading planet. Never find yourself in search of strange and exotic land. The worst to face in the Star Wars universe and a deadly enemy.

Visual and sound quality


Included in the Star Wars universe, the world has lost the spectacular 3D graphics feature. Discovery develops their signature attacks with realistic characters, wonderful visual effects and therefore struggles with the series. If you are completely lost in the game, it will feel.


Introducing players to one of the most addictive Star Wars Galaxy mobile platforms, Star Wars: Heroes, with powerful and powerful soundtrack. For the first time, players can be used for a huge collection of characters in various Star Wars games and movies. If you have a dialogue, everyone is actually doing something because you think you should listen.

User Reviews

User 1: Do not forget to rate this game What It Was To Open The Cavity Bar. With Devs now only carries dying cash who doesn't care about their players. I thought they were a mess recently that we have been generous with a character and more pieces, but it was a mess and now they take away and great balance, crucial when fixing any game/bugs/ fraud, I played since release. Am, and to see what, the game is wonderful. Stay away

User 2: Star Wars fun. How kinda dirty but with microtransactions. After playing for 5-6 months, the electricity crisis is real. It's much better and more fun when those uninhibited restrictions were on the console. I would pay $ 60 for the full game. Put it money because it is because something does not seem to be worth it. So that sad game uses to take people's chances.

User 3: What !! Update !! If a recent event, the developers, made a mistake after people have made the mistake, either part of the event and / or were not seen, has been completed. I almost played the beginning, and have to fill their pockets! I leave this game all over! It's not fun to play anymore, $$ about everything !!!! 

새로운 기능

Now introducing the Journey Guide, Heroes fans! Plan out your journey towards your ultimate Star Wars™ collection, with a detailed guide on earning the most aspirational units on the Holotables. In this update, you can:
  • Map out your journey like never before using the Journey Guide
  • Browse the guide to find many powerful units, along with their strengths, synergies, and requirements to obtain them
  • The update also includes several performance improvements