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Assassin's Creed Pirates Apk

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2.9.1 voor Android
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aug 22, 2017

Already more than 10 million pirates

The world's greatest action-adventure franchise is available on a mobile device! The pirates had to be an elite assassin, creed fear Caribbean adventure!

Alonzo Batilla young and ambitious captain, a pirate game all the rules, challenge empires, and broken gold collection!

Engage in fierce naval battles

Real-time sea battles in all of the Caribbean fighting.

Mortar stem enemy shots from guns to choose from the widest range of weapons to destroy your enemies and dodge maneuver.

Show off your skills with a pistol, and defeat the legendary ships and become a real pirate legend!

Create your team and your ship

Theft of the most prestigious boat millennia; Man O'War floating fortress small ship.

Upgrade your ship with the legendary optimization and higher prices hunting wild ocean.

In addition to team members made the driver by recruiting their naval empire and getting better captains, more than 50 new pirating techniques, cannon and sailing upgrades to their enemies, and naval master fights ran

Caribbean width ... and more

How to map a huge variety of exploring the islands trip.

Quick Search hundred treasures and lost files.

Women running through dozens of lost Mayan temples, epic killer move with Parker dodge obstacles and collect Mayan stone.

Parkour temple to find ancient treasure map pieces.

Hunting sharks, whales and fish never going to foreign trade.

From ordinary people mostly sharks, sea Please enter your fish collection of trophies.

Epic Pirates life, a merchant ship loaded with gold or close to plunder in search of the black flag and raised a slave ship battle.

Be careful throughout the British Empire and the Spanish crown and his powerful mentorship, you are always on the run as a pirate.

Compete with your friends for the highest prize.

Search the famous 3-D views on mobile and tablet PC

WestIndies Women take pleasure in the sun, I am beautiful sunset praise, navigate mazes and spectacular coastline sailing through the night with snow.

Changes in weather conditions affect you directly control your ship and to define any new landscape.

Beware of your enemies will hide from the storm at the last minute and chetarapindiyukta fog!

To be victorious in the battle of the Caribbean Sea and Bill Champion efficient curse the weather.

Start an epic quest for a legendary treasure

La Buse: Life is an adventure story that reveals the truth about the famous French pirate mysterious lost treasure.

Killers and crossroads and take part in their age-old battle with the Templars.

The most notorious and colorful pirates of the era, including Sam Bellamy, Ben Charles Van Hornigold and women, Blackbeard!

Game is available in English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Russian, Turkish and Indonesian