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jul 29, 2020

Google Play Store has been specially developed for work on Android devices in the App Center and at home. Prior to the current Android device, however, it must be prepared to use a few basic steps. To sign in. The special account is called the Active Play Store. Without proper Google, Account login is not possible after using this app. Yare sure to start there first Android device.

Once the device is ready to start Android more or open the browse. This application is very easy and precise for Google to address the tab issue, as it uses internally. This app, which is very popular people can group tabs, making it easy to find them immediately. Meanwhile, there is also a special tab for applications, most downloads. In a nutshell, it will be easy to find applications in this application interface once every way.

One good thing is that the apps are very reasonable compared to those that are free and those who just need to download them to pay. Some programs are more free to download, with purchase and payment options installed and tested. For a specific period, the official license within the application is in accordance with a test version used to purchase the applications. Meanwhile, it also uses the application to advertise excessively to unlock good apps Pro version or just ad-free version.

The interface is updated periodically. Those who have been modifying various forms with Android have understood the Android interface since last time. The latest look is very comfortable. No need to download and deliver a very comfortable essential app search performance. Using the interface with basic menus and simple tabs it will be very useful for Android users to find and download the application required for the purposes and functions within the device with a very attractive appeal.


  • Get Google Play access for all the apps in the store
  • Get the latest music and e-books
  • Buy apps and games
  • Get the best deal

To install the Google Play Store

Generally, as Android users, this operating system Smartphone for Play Store purchases with Google menu listing. This design allows the application to be set up by the user and is being offered by another app store. Unfortunately, one reason is not much application like software damage. In the following steps, the APK file provides an alternative method to install it.

File Manager application ready. This app defaults to normal smartphones. However, if for some reason the application is not available, just download the files application explorer. Go to Download on the Folder File Manager application. The APK file that you just downloaded has been downloaded. Folder internal memory is usually standard. If you set it as the default download folder, then it may be for external memory.

Just play the APK file by tapping on the file. File warning used directly after a pop-up show. Alerts users of the system to try active application from an unknown source. If you have any fear, you can touch the APK icon and allow it to activate the file. It will set up an alternative system. Enable selected security and unknown sources. To run the APK file at this rate.

The wait you have completed is through the installation. Generally, it is Google Play, because most do not apply for smaller sizes. After the installation is complete, you can use the given immediately. Although the application is installed, it is highly recommended to close the unknown source. It will not be possible for other unnecessary background apps to be installed. Go to the Settings menu and select Inactive Security.

This application plays the Google job service usually required. Before installing your phone Play app when you need to install some of these support apps:

  • Google Services framework
  • Google Account Manager
  • Google Contacts Sync
  • Google Play services

You can download the used Android version for all apps. So before you download the app, you must pay the notice or file information section that we have "at least the Android version" is available.

How To Update Google Play Store

  • In most cases, you may not know what is updated from your Google Play Store. As this is the application state this application is already installed. This gives you the right to update, without your permission. However, there is one drawback that this application may not be able to update on your own. In this case, the application needs to be updated by the APK file. Handled without the latest update, you may not be able to have the latest facilities.
  • The first step is to look at the version games which have shops installed on your device. Updating the version, you have the APK file ready for the latest updates to download.
  • The next step is to find the APK file on your file manager. The file manager application should already be your phone available. If not, just download the File Explorer app. Once the APK file, run the file they type on.