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2.5 voor Android
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okt 10, 2019

Piktures is a gallery program that allows you to easily access all photos in an organized and well-designed user interface.

Main Windows Piktures Displays images in the main folder of your Android device (usually "Camera"). Swipe to the right helps a left-hand menu for slide planning while OU Place shows your photos where you can access your folders.

Piktures on a photo calendar are Most interesting features that show only a typical calendar that you have photos taken on all devices on the day. Tap all images every day.

All in one PIKTURES

A Gallery of Piktures:

  • Access to local and cloud pictures
  • Video player
  • Photo Editor
  • GIF Player and GIF Maker
  • Safe vehicle

You will love it:

  • Fast and elegant interface
  • View Calendar: Fast innovation vertical scrolling for browsing
  • Secure Drive: Secure behind the scenes code to protect the most intimate photos and videos of the pin code drive
  • Cloud Drive: Access your Dropbox photos and videos
  • Places to see: Filter by city
  • Some sorting and scanning options
  • Change images before release
  • Hide album
  • Video player
  • GIF Player
  • Direct access to camera applications
  • Optimized for large screens, including tablets

Full Feature Photo Album Organizer:

  • Slick jester-based user interface
  • Photo Album, Video Album and GIF support
  • All Albums: See all pictures of the compiled album on your phone
  • Some Grid - 3, 4 or Raws 5 Photos
  • Innovation calendar view with vertical scrolling
  • Look for filters from countries and cities
  • Some types of options: date, name, and size
  • Favorites: Choose your best photos
  • Covered with blur effect and gallery parallax effect
  • Beam photos
  • Copy photos
  • Rename images
  • Create an album
  • Move album
  • Hide album
  • Album shortcut on home screen

Photo and video features

  • Play the video
  • Opportunity to choose video player option
  • Play animated gif
  • Editing images on external editors
  • Best quality full-screen viewer
  • EXIF info

Sharing capabilities:

  • Share messages and photos via social networks
  • Options most commonly used
  • Prior to sending photos size against many options to change (VGA, HD full size)
  • Remove GPS capability and integrate before you share it on social networks


  • Borderless pics
  • Maximum Brightness
  • Back button behavior
  • Status bar - hide /
  • Basic sort order

What if you enjoy taking pictures with the Camera app?

No matter you get all your camera application Piktures start the original camera

Don't want to use too much data when sharing photos?

No matter what you share, Piktures makes image size changes. You can also remove your GPS data for more privacy

Did you receive a collection of films made with different formats?

Piktures is a powerful video player, you can also use the video player to select their exact video without having anyone to play it

Access your cloud photos and videos

  • Piktures You can use to spread your photos, many cloud services. Currently, it supports Google Drive, Dropbox OneDrive and month and new cloud services will be added. Please note that we are not connected to either Google, Microsoft, and Dropbox.

Access your SD card and hard drive

  • You can also make photos on your internal SD card and external hard drive. Receive piktures and manage your photos on your SD card. External drive, Piktures use USB OTG standard when they support FAT16 and FAT32 formats

Hide secret drive photo

  • This is just a PIN code or your fingerprint can be used to hide your most intimate photos encrypted hidden drive again.

Play video and GIF

  • Piktures comes with a built-in video player and supports animated GIFs.
  • New photo and video format added to list of supported files

View Calendar

  • Piktures offer a unique calendar view to find your photos in an original way. It's very easy if you want to get photos of your birthday party quickly

Ray TV

  • You can save your photos and videos with your TV beam-wide support Chrome. Developing such DLNA and such airplay or other protocols.

Camera and QR code

  • If they are a power camera user, you probably have multiple camera applications on your phone. Piktures only gallery apps, your local usage, and third-party camera apps
  • Piktures also comes with a super-comfortable QR code scanner with its own dedicated folders, along with your first recover scanned QR code.

Free and premium version

  • Many with clouds in the premium version, which is for power users.

Do you have more than piktures?

  • We love to talk to your users!

User Reviews

User 1: Use one of the best pairing programs below, gallery! Indeed, every function uses it. Now show the small complaint about why the series, which was on the other sections above "Take All" ". In fact, they ran the latest update to help them immediately cheat to see the latest pictures!

User 2: Paranormal experiences and wonderful great application. Loading large images on old phones very quickly. I really love this app. thank you. If the Landscape / Portrait Gallery Thumbnail option for cutting would be great, only used as a category. Other than that, isn't it?

User 3: This app is good, but you can automatically gif play this app? And may I know why when I moved one picture to another and try to make it my wallpaper it says "cannot load image"? Please fix this ..this shouldn't even be happening.

Wat is er nieuw

  • Rotate and Edit from other editors back in more
  • Photo Editor bug fixes
  • Performance improvements