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aug 14, 2020

Google Docs is an office suite developed by Google, including the cloud platform and document editing, table editing and presentation editing functionality on Android devices.

In the past, word processing and other office suite tools have been reserved for computers. The world has been developed, but it has created the tools to become essential mobile productivity. Other companies will have to spend a huge amount of money, similar products. Google Docs is the first and fully free device. On top of that, Google Cloud will store everything for free. All that you really mean is an Android device and (if you should be able to immediately) use Cloud Safe to have an Internet connection.

There are some limitations to the screen of Google Docs, especially given the small size of the Google Docs mobile version. Duration settings are topics related to advanced presentation management and advanced distribution management table issues. However, this will not use the more specialized features and for most users. For basic home users, this software is perfect. It can be used for almost anything. When a mobile unit can go complicated is missing, the user can only have one document and the right desktop is on the left phone.


  • Google Docs is also useful for application office, home, and educational use. Even professionals, beginners, can use it without problems.
  • The application layout is simple, easy to use. The document tool is well placed for quick selection. Google Docs is a document on the web for making Google.
  • These documents can be synced and viewed or edited on Android devices. Documents that are stored on a memory device can be opened and viewed.
  • The app supports Offline Docs. So you don't need an internet connection to make them.
  • You can select coverage areas offline or off work, where internet or mobile data is unavailable. While this application documents a document, input also gives automatic storage. So efforts are never wasted. Copy archive of documents on car accessories. So, where you can then start to straighten.
  • Documentation can be easily changed from within applications. You can let people comment on your documents and add your own.
  • Google Docs can be found for Microsoft Word documents Support can also be edited. Currently, some essential features of the app are missing will be added in future releases.

A very study piece of the overall Google Docs software. So completely free with its immediate cloud backup and production is a breeze.


  • Full office suite and totally free
  • Fast Backup (15GB) Free Google Cloud
  • The browser can cross between desktop and edit on the phone


  • Some other office products are not as easy
  • Large documents are required to repurchase

Create, edit and work with others on documents from your Android phone or tablet with the Google Docs app. With Docs, you can:

  • Editing new documents or files current
  • Share documents and collaborate on the same document at the same time.
  • Works anywhere, anytime offline
  • And respond to comments.
  • Losing anxiety about your job
  • Write how everything is saved automatically.
  • Research, research with power docs
  • Store opening, editing, and word documents.

User Reviews

User 1: This application game has changed. I love working within this platform because the add-ons are many and let you customize your word processor to your specific needs. Collaborative editing and or sharing of documents that you can edit on the fly should be shared with a link, other, and it is updated for a matter of seconds. Since there is no need to deal with file extensions it is available in Chrome, for all that is to make this look. I love this app!

User 2: This app is amazing. But it is possible to turn on / off the white format pains me when I can change the late color of in the night writing working format. In addition, can you make the script format easy to use? I have the option of writing screenplays a storyteller and Google Docs look good. Thanks

User 3: What I like to do is turn off a bibliography, and don't allow this app to hang indent yet. To See Android Desktop Talk, Show Me Beat Online Google Docs. That should not be the way. There is a fundamental importance for the book, secondary listing, and higher graduation design. The hanging is all well done. I should not set up a template in advance for convenience. 

Wat is er nieuw

  • Welcome to Docs in Dark Mode. Easier on the eyes at night, easier on the battery during the day.
  • Bug fixes and performance improvements