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1.20.302.02.30 voor Android
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jul 30, 2020

Google Sheets Official Google Spreadsheet Tool It has been fully optimized for one version of Android devices. With it, you can create them and share tables with users, edit and work with.

Google Sheets, you can get some work done without using a computer. Designed by Google, the app can create, edit, and work directly with others on the table from your phone so you can offer an intuitive user interface on the go.

Edit the document you created earlier with Google Sheets or you are correct, note the second table you work with on your desktop left. The table may co-operate between different people so that you can work at the same time. In addition, you can make or do the table and co-operate from scratch yourself.

The app never needs a computer, allowing you to work while you are offline, you can do it anytime, anywhere you have traffic on the road or on the weekends. Some formatting features include viewing other formulas such as sorting information in a cell, input or chart. If you want to edit the spreadsheet instead, you can simply add feedback or comments and discuss working with partners.

Automatically save your work as a Google Spreadsheet, and you do not need to lose order in order to ensure your progress and you can leave restart exactly where on any device. Know Application Services and Google Sheets to work and find out all the features so far!

Create, edit and collaborate with others on a tablet with your Android smartphone or Sheets app. Sheet, you can:

- Create a new table or edit existing files 

- Parts tables and a single table work at the same time.

- Never work anywhere - even offline

- Add reply and comments.

- Submit structure cells or sort data, use formulas to include / store charts, and more.

- How to write everything automatically saved - Never worry about losing your job.

- Get Insights Immediately apply for a tap of soon-to-use diagram and formatting - Research.

- Save, open, edit and Excel files.

Permissions Notice

  • Contact: This is used to share suggestions with people for sharing with files.
  • Storage: This is used to open and store USB or SD files on memory.

User Reviews

User 1: That's normal. Even if I call Google I can still sheet a Google one excel leaves to be displayed as a widget for your budget book on your home screen. The whole reason I went to Microsoft Excel changed its budget on Google Sheets if this feature is not available frustrated .... please add a widget option sheet to be displayed on the home screen.

User 2: I "have two files available offline." A notification search says the last 30 hours or so. There is a way to delete it and that harness only leaves "offline files". Am I forced to end this app to go away or turn off notifications ?? Both Wi-Fi and very mobile data network connection.

User 3: I have Google Spreadsheets on your phone. But because I rarely use it, I've uninstalled. I installed it recently but it's loading the file, open Google Drive itself. When opening Google Sheets files do not have to open Google Docs files. So I'll restore and see what happens again. Update: After the application is installed, it works fine. 

Wat is er nieuw

  • Welcome to Sheets in Dark Mode. Easier on the eyes at night, easier on the battery during the day.
  • Bug fixes and performance improvements