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aug 04, 2020

Google One application (developed by Google) that you offer is an easy way to manage your cloud storage. In fact, all of Google Drive and Google Photos are integrated in one place in Gmail on your phone. Of course, to use this service For example, you must preinstall a subscription to Google Drive, otherwise, you will not find any of the Google features.

Download this guide on your Android smartphone or tablet can go with Google to install the APK file directly. Now, Google announces a new storage plan for its customers. The new strategy is designed to be unique with Google called Plan. In fact, this new plan will allow you to control your spending on Google Cloud Storage service, because of all the services Gmail and Google Drive. Google wants a great deal more content or Google Drive storage. If you need more space, you just need to select a plan from Google.

You can use one of the applications from Google:

  • Manage photos and videos cover the original quality of your memory map, Gmail and Google Google Drive.
  • Protect your phone. All your photos, contacts, messages and more will definitely be in the cloud. If you lose or update your phone with a break, you can restore everything on your new Android device.
  • Just contact our team of experts from any kind of faucet. If you need help with Google products and services, our team is for you.
  • Visit Google Play Store Member Benefits (10% Return), Google Play Balance, and Special Hotel Rates Rewards.
  • Up to 5 family members will have access to their plans, access to every benefit and more space.

Using this application, but it is certainly possible to manage the storage plan. There is no need for you to worry. This app is safe in Google Drive, covering Gmail and Google Photos. These are all important, and most of the memory was found there is commonly used. If you save them all, it will be easier to manage all the files with this application. It's even easier if you don't, you have one to manage everything.

The next important attraction of Google Android is its own way allowing users to contact our experts. They give the tap on the app they need to do it, and you will come to talk to them together. Then, whatever you ask just what you need to know to answer this question about Google products and services.

The dialed number is not required to reach people and experts. Any time the team needs help, you'll be ready. Consider the fact of this request.

User Reviews

User 1: First, I would like to recommend the Campaign for Large Storage. Although I need to do business so as to improve the business in the near future, people want to work on this app, easy to use for mobile experience, attractive and competitive.

  1. What was my files on my phone I am going to suggest that it can be easy to access through the app?
  2. Application I would suggest that it should be one of the following function keys (files, recently shared photos of it, RecycleB)

User 2: Totally useless ... try to make a backup of your media, videos, photos ... and only one video at a time or those images at a time ... which means I feel safe to sit and tap the update button constantly ... I info GB Like what ...? Disappointing ... if this message please you something about your favorite Google

User 3: Due to the frequent expense of trying to change your new country of residence and your Google profile for another country (and this week has changed I didn't even try four years ago and agree) on my profile to change the status I am not. This means I have to pay for a Google subscription that my family is managing in their country profile, not all use changes. You support the recommendation that I delete your original profile and create a new one, but because I purchased the subscription for 1 year, I seized "

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