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2020.30.2-324781571-release voor Android
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aug 05, 2020

It's useful to use, especially for those with busyness. And being in a good position and planning Google Calendar help is the first choice. The features are similar in other calendar applications, but achieving the most comprehensive integration with other Google platforms for integrating a Google account. You can send an event calendar to Gmail right away. Additionally, advanced features offered by Google Business Suite for this app. Complex and important event schedule are single and easy to use that it can support every day.

Other features include visibility, privacy settings, and invitations. You can hide schedule events from past, present or future. It is useful for setting up properly. For the good reason you want to send an invitation to a party or in any event, Android uses the calendar for Google. If you have another calendar, you can import the app to it. Prior to this point, compatibility mode may have been tested due to limited calendar application synchronization.

Get the official Google Calendar app for your Android phone and tablet to save time and get the most out of every day.

• Check your schedule at a glance with a new schedule view - the images and locations you want to assign.

• Gmail events from - Flight, hotel, music concerts, restaurant reservations and automatically added to your calendar.

• Help fill out your calendar - You can create events with event titles, locations, and smart suggestions.

• Time to check in your calendar - Provides an overview of multiple days to get a switch in the middle of a single day.

• All your calendars, in one simple place - works with Google Calendar, including calendars, to grab parts of your phone.

One of the interesting parts of this application is a simple design. You don't even see the graphic or color at first glance. On the other hand, a different event is highlighted as a color, as you can easily see. In addition to creating an event, you must set a start and end time. The event will run along, repeat mode frequency check. The event happens every day, so upon request, your event destination can go for an all-day event. After you create an event, you can add a location and notification as a property. The location may appear automatically, depending on your situation. You can use Fit to instantly change the properties of the event.


When you negotiate, you can easily edit or select a meeting slot with event creation, you can now have a straightforward grid calendar that fits you and your guests.

Now you can enable themes darker on Android N devices.

What is new:

• Auto Space - Recommended size requirements and location if you create an event or edit calendar (just a few users with a login to your work or school account) on the basis of meeting rooms suitable for its guests.

The app has no ads

Wat is er nieuw

  • When you create or edit an event, you can now interact directly with the Calendar grid to easily choose a meeting slot that fits for you and your guests.
  • You can now enable Dark Theme on devices with Android N+.