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jul 07, 2020

Google Keep lacked in a dark state, good notes those apps, but the biggest miss is. Listen, it seems that Google and it seems to be starting to work mode very fortunately.

The Google Keep app relies on the well-developed Evernote popular notes. It is for many mobile and desktop platforms. Therefore, access possible notes across multiple devices anywhere. Your notes are also available online through its web version. Just use the web browser to write new notes and notes you've already seen.

The latest Google Keep enabled teardown "is in dark mode 9to5Google." A reference to the holding site should be shown to enable switch mode, so what do you expect?

The big black is expected to be those who are still frustrated with the situation because it should just say the search bar "extension area". So that means, the main menu is striking on the settings page and the various notes are still an eye white heart. It is pure black, on the contrary, because we are also worth looking at the dark brown color of the dark elements. 9to5Google Look at the pictures should give it a good idea of ​​how it works below.

Google captures notes, everything on your mind right away. A reminder and the right place at the right time. Speak and save voice memos and write on the go. Not only that but also a poster, a document or a receipt, hold a photo and store it later if necessary. Google Notes, get a simple list of your thoughts or actions. You can also do well to share your thoughts with others.


  • Save list notes, photos and keep Google. Have a short time Then you can record voice notes and transcribe them to find out later, if necessary.
  • Make plans and share them in surprisingly different ways with friends.
  • To add a note, create a key, add a color or label.
  • Shot on your mobile phone, Android portable computers or some notes of your thoughts, keep lists, and more. Will you sync all your devices across Google Continue to add automatically.
  • You can add reminders to purchase food, such as certain places, but also location-based reminders.

The application can be downloaded in French and installed in total volume 46 Download APK and open your favorite file manager and attach the file name. If the installation does not start automatically, you will need to enable an unknown source on your Android settings. Some applications want to keep Dropbox, Adobe Reader, Google Calendar, Google Docs, and Google Spreadsheets Google.

In any case, the incentive for Google to see its various programs is done in black. As a company, Android News has applied for the position before BOARD, Google Play Games and YouTube.

In addition, the way can be easier on the eyes, dark mode is usually more efficient and you use a phone with an OLED screen. In fact, black mode reduces brightness performance by 100 percent to 60 percent if Google's claims of recording its Android Developer Summit app. Not bad.

Keep Google Android a clear, simple and attractive interface app. Do not believe that you use a slow filling device or take time. It offers a wide range of Android devices. Portable new version Android support now. Plain text additionally notes that Google products capture images and allow them to hold on to their memory. Share your thoughts with people and be a part of it. It can also be just a point where the voice memo function and the application will automatically do that which is supported. The color and label for the code is easily organized and quickly put. Just kind words should use it to search and pop related notes, old notes. Simple or location-based reminder information about important events and other elements to gain access. Since Google Keep is a cloud-based service, it stores information in the Cloud Storage and synchronize them between devices. So you don't lose important information, even if you lose your mobile device.

What captures your mind?

• Keep notes, listings, and photos on Google. Time pressure? Keep a record sound and transcript, so you can find it later.

Share ideas with friends and family

• Share your Keep Notes with ease of party surprises and other plans on them in real-time through collaboration.

Who you think you should be immediately

• Add labels to color codes to organize and tell in your life visit. If you need to find yourself saved, a simple search.

Always within reach

• Work on your phone, tablet, computer, and Android device. Synchronize everything across all your devices Your ideas are always with you.

The right sound at the right time

• Need to be reminded to buy some groceries? At the top right is your grocery list when you go to adjust location-based reminders.

User Reviews

User 1: I love many things about this app, but I had two changes in both the checkbox and the regular line of text and the ability to undo after a certain history or to save it to your version. I've eliminated some errors and lost a lot of information that I couldn't return to the app before closing it. I know the importance of accessing all kinds of short text without the app is designed to reduce ideas, but I find it very convenient, so I independently

User 2: Almost perfect! This is a very good tool for recording notes. A very simple but very integral part is missing. There, unformatted text, there is no bold, italic or underlined basics in some way. Also, lock the article notes and somehow organize them into a collection of notebooks. If you can provide these functions, this app will be more suitable. Please consider this.

User 3: An application is complete and straightforward. Font options you want. Oh my goodness Now let's talk about what will be added: a. Make it dark brown. Note dark reader extensions look great in color in Chrome. Bold, underlined, font color and b.add bullet option. Click to hide the C check box painted from Czech products. #bug d. Add notes and reminders under full checklist rights so we can focus on the rest of the uncontrolled objects. Reduce the e-label font size. 

Wat is er nieuw

  • Add more content to Keep notes by expanding the drawing canvas
  • Bug fixes and performance improvements