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1.6.9 voor Android
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jul 06, 2020

Dead Trigger 2, the original, award-winning new first-person shooter here's the Dead Trigger sequel. It's bigger, bloodier, and still has better graphics.

The game takes place in the world on the verge of apocalypse, where mankind is extinct. Fortunately, there are up to a few brave souls fighting for salvation. Of course, you know, one of them ... and Dead Trigger Worldwide are two comfortable players.

As other players base their mission, you can check on the progress of the game's real-time history. And of course, you will get affected by part of the special mission to progress the story.

New ones include tons of crazy weapons invaders, grenades and rocket chickens. Of course, you also have a huge final boss including the jaws that are running waterfalls in the new (and dangerous) body.

In between missions, you can prepare for the operation where the champion doctor, scientist or restricted dealers, which you can travel to, you can upgrade your weapons and skills.

Dead Trigger 2 is an excellent first-person shooter with an interesting story that will last many hours. It may be a smartphone game, but it takes graphics like a PlayStation 3 or Xbox 360 console.


  • Control System - Touch for an option or a virtual joystick. And it's possible to carry a gamepad made to play
  • Cool graphics - the most points, everything is moving and growing. Physics is enormous
  • Location - Dead Trigger 2 Battle of the zombies in the desert mines, in the streets of the burning cities.
  • Interaction - Give Resistance. Other players' actions affect your success. Many theme turns
  • Shelter - Here you can buy weapons, learning all the right tools about innovation, and many other things to buy
  • Many types of zombies - are more dangerous than others
  • Surprise! Grenade you have chicken with them?

The human world offers vulnerability to US cash with the world producing and spreading deadly viruses. Now the survivors of the global plague joined the survivors and they cruelly fought the deadly infection against everything. Get ready to attack: it's time and the first person to fight to stop the heart-shooter adventure is to survive their zombie apocalypse!

Undead Invasion Compete in a great atmosphere of FPS sniper legs around a mad arsenal and globe selection fire against evil weaponry weapons!

Explore the story, including international emissions and a variety of side-by-side operations. Dead Trigger 2 celebrates 100 million downloads with free gifts and offers you!

Heavy constantly adding content. The shooter developed the ground.

  • A strategy to fight your way to 33 different arena wars through ten areas. Shooting Zombie FPS is full of evil action!
  • Be a zombie shooter with 50 types of pistol weapons. Your objective is to aim sharpshooting skills and take out all the dead zombie enemies with a shot on the head!
  • Trigger action with more than 600 gameplay combat situations, including solo campaigns, international emissions and viewing side. To survive this fight against death FPS sniper achievements completely!
  • Learn how to fight zombie apocalypse FPS combat troops on the battlefield!


Throw shots at targets and the existence of various sniper guns in the horror Dead Beat environment. Territory and shoot your FPS attack strategy plan to become a hero against automatic invasion Zombie Rim: It's necessary to stop the bloodshed of death!

Tooth threats were the FPS strategy

  • An easy target for a shooter, attacking a dead body to kill some of the brutal dead zombie rival adventure - not easy, but you'll need to own an impressive number more than dead shots.
  • Super FPS sniper gunfights against injustice shoot weapons. Your task is to survive this evil apocalypse!
  • Development of zombie shooter history - can remain knowledgeable global resistance against zombies and global gameplay recruiting as every action that affects sweetheart. Live the action as much adventure as you can and hold the knob!

Tons of features

  • Real prizes FPS Zombie for battle competition - Get ready for action against certain death in our sniper war shooting field! Go from all over the world with players fighting the mortal first-person shooter arena!
  • Choose between a touch control target shooter system, FPS zombie survival soldiers or an advanced virtual joystick for console games.
  • Discover your personal whereabouts and a small arms manufacturer like a gun, rifle revolver, scientist, smuggler. They form shooters, sniper attack zombie survival attack targets to help you unlock incredible weapons and weapons.

Are you ready to face the evil dead killer walking rivals and fight for their survival in first-person shooter combat? Murray's outbreak is crucial. He went to his death and shot zombies without living the weft and bought the hoop!

Users Review

User 1: Very good, but if the game is a problem. So far, the zombies want you to fire at them and try to kill. From the barrels of the barrel to shoot them blast away from the barrel aiming at the radiation targets are trying not to blow the zombies. But other than that, I love it so much and it's tough to play on hard mode. But they are also 5 stars and the graphics keep it breath giving me a LOL big game kill. Good job you guys ...

User 2: Definitely an excellent game. For me, it's really fun and plays a lot like TNT and things like that as a good story in Europe. Advise someone. Really good game !!! Just know when the mission will be added to South Africa, I want to because it was so much fun playing.

User 3: Jobs or downtime... In between my cell exhaust passed or when it's easy to learn. (Real = Game Gear $) In a non-donor mode, still, semi-fast gameplay encourages having enough variety. But not easily tech-leisure technology adapted to the level up of lvl CNTR. For Sentinel Job Tip =% Revenue on every quest on W / O supply line is flowing and easy. A Def.reccmd.this. 

Wat is er nieuw

  • New bundles in the shop!
  • Improved UI: textures, buttons etc.
  • Hub and map are more bright