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jun 17, 2020

The official Android app for one of the largest programs in the world is used at the Microsoft PowerPoint business level: PowerPoint. Presentations in the PC version have been around the King Microsoft program forever; well, with this app, it's tried, it's made for Android.

You can choose between short presentations with multiple slides, different styles and dozens, including designs, text, and pictures, etc.: Microsoft PowerPoint users can apply or do virtually everything with a traditional Windows program, while presentations will be "total freedom.

The PowerPoint app gives you access to already-known tools. View current share productions, quickly and easily edit anywhere. Quick access to your last visit, when needed to use PowerPoint files? PowerPoint provides a quick overview of your current files for easy access to any device. When you are worried about multiple file versions of PowerPoint Mobile work? Seamless synchronization tools. Work with someone's confidence present everywhere. With PowerPoint, your Office moves with you.

PowerPoint is a powerful and customizable presentation that lets you make a lasting impression with a stand. Create and present with confidence from anywhere. Creating a beautiful and impressive presentation has never been easier. PowerPoint, the ability for you to work with other people in real-time can go into editing and changing your presentation.

Which Microsoft Office Application Should I Install?

It may sound silly somehow, but Microsoft has been a bit of a mess in recent years. First, the Office suite was included on the same application as the Microsoft Office Mobile title, but this option happened a long time ago, instead of having three different applications nixed separately and independently: Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. These are the only ones needed for installation. The other benefit is that they require everything else to work properly. All you need to do is depend on the type of document you need to download, edit on your phone. This device is not a waste of time with Office 365, though time. Office 365, which includes access to paid subscription services and uses the Microsoft software cloud. In short, keep this in mind:

  • Microsoft Word Processing Application [Download]
  • Microsoft Excel Application Spreadsheet [Download]
  • Microsoft PowerPoint Application for Presentations [Download]

Do I want to associate an e-mail account for Microsoft Office?

Link to your email box for Microsoft Office is completely optional, but it is definitely recommended options. Guests can sign up to an existing account or create a new, or completely abandoned step: either the first time you apply, where to place the official opening. The application does not allow offline versions of files that you save, open, or synchronize your favorite functions between devices, so if you are logged on to these features, we encourage you to use them.

If you like yourself, you can use any account you prefer to model in this domain-independent of having an Outlook / Hotmail / MSN account, but that same account should be used to connect the rest of your Microsoft products. In this way, how easy these tasks are and able to truly take full advantage of each other's interconnectedness. In any case, Microsoft is more open these days, and how we show more in this article, as they prepare to work with more competitive products. Conscious Levitate.

Can I Have a Smartphone Version of Microsoft Office?

Everything you need on a desktop version of Microsoft Office, without missing much, may require a smartphone. You are able to work with them to resume existing documents. There is also an option to save them to your local device or this cloud connection. And if not monitored, it is possible to open OneDrive, Dropbox, Google Drive, and SharePoint files. You can also take root access through the remote file folder.

As far as performance goes, as long as you get it in writing with size, Word personal applications can use different fonts and text formats or all the basic choices of Microsoft; Filling tables and formulas entered in Excel; Size of objects or PowerPoint presentation images. The default is good.

Obviously not enough, everything was made up of some of the original desktop version for free, but smartphone apps don't include Microsoft Office for more than enough to keep your workplace in your pocket while on the road. 

Does the current version include?

New Features Add some of the latest updates for Word, Excel and the missing PowerPoint. Take for example the possibility to automate a document, when the capability is edited to use different versions of the same file over time or even in real-time with a text co-editor that works directly on pictures from your smartphone or camera set, all of these necessary steps already. All Microsoft Office applications have been included.

Present with confidence

The move didn't go a bit with PowerPoint. You can continue to create new productions or work on the current one. If PowerPoint syncs your presentations on OneDrive, you can start a presentation on a PC, then edit and use PowerPoint Mobile. Overview All made by presenting presentation on the device with any clear and confident, without burning your laptop.

Make a lasting impression

A beautiful composition gone presentation is always the winner. PowerPoint presentations that help create impressions and make you more easily available than ever before, a powerful and highly customized experience.

Easily work with others

PowerPoint makes it easy for you to collaborate easily with others. To view 1-click sharing, quickly edit, or invite other responses to a slide. You can easily view and manage the permissions your presentation is working on. Other opinions remain on top with changes and music integrated within the film. How to see the changes that have been developed with her painting this time.


• OS version: Android runs and all supported versions of hand-based or Intel x86 processors. Support for KitKat and Lollipop devices will continue until June 2019.

• 1 GB of RAM or higher

Office 365 will be charged to your Google Play Store account. The app will be automatically purchased and renewed within 24 hours before the end of the current subscription period unless auto-renewal has been previously disabled. You can manage your subscriptions in your Play Store account settings. A subscription cannot be canceled during the active subscription period.

This application is provided either by Microsoft or a third-party application publisher and is subject to a different privacy policy and terms of use. Memory and data provided by the application usage may also be applied to Microsoft or third-party app publishing, and store transfers, and the processing will be available in the US or other countries where Microsoft or the application publisher and its affiliated companies or service provider service providers.


  • The current bold presentations leave a lasting impression, you love all the tools you know and Microsoft Status is now leaving the PowerPoint application in the PC version for optimized mobile hardware and touchscreen controls.
  • In seconds the filmmaking is very attractive to make you do not need experts to be more and more beautiful slides! Choose from thousands of templates in dozens of categories, add your images and text and you're done!
  • Share, edit, and view, cloud, process, share and view your PowerPoint files directly in the cloud, anywhere you go.


  • You must be online to access your files offline in the cloud will not work; First backup all the files just in case a presentation on your device!

Users reviews

Users 1: This app is very good on mobile phones and desktops, it can be a duplicate slide, just because the desktop version, I am missing some features I wish in the mobile version, and images from online sources are included. In addition, they recommend a very good program, and people who I know are going to make a PowerPoint.

User 2: The worst part of the software on a chrome book I've ever used should be a point. They are melancholy. You can actually save "any PowerPoint file to open my files "or open it" read-only "mode and local copy stores are actually a local copy, and if you open my files" through the opening try "Or Freeze Free application tries to open document options in Google Drive "even if you are correct." Completely useless. If you want to use Office, enjoy Chrome now

User 3: So glitchy. Circumstances do not save comments, so you do not lose a note for the whole class, not in presentation mode between pen /rubber/highlighter, half-time moved, can not use the drawing tool because it can pull/snap a text box (freeze) ) Move between slides, the app you can choose when you go to the app .... Leave Google or the other side I have a program where I can Want to have. This app is awesome.