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Fire Emblem Heroes is a Strategy Nintendo RPG Game Series. It has been sports players and users around the world for a long time now. With more than five million reviews won and a million downloads, this election game editors badge. Purchase offers to download from.

The Nintendo Strategy RPG Fire Emblem series, which has been in force for more than 25 years, relies on smart devices to press.

Adjusted the touch screen and the go play drama. Call the Fire Emblem universe characters. Your hero can develop skills and take them to new heights. Suppose nothing is the sign of your courage fire that you have seen before!

It is an alternative application for purchase application downloads and proposals.

Epic Quest

  • An original story features dozens of new characters and dozens of war heroes all being tested in the Fire Emblem universe.
  • 800 steps in July 2019 is quite history! The stories illustrate the steps (this amount includes all levels of difficulty), and you will earn used for balls called heroes.
  • New story chapters are common, so don't miss adding!

Fierce fighting

  • Strategic turn-based cards in organized fights take the game with a seat to go in the palm of your hand! You have to think well and hard about the cons of each weapon hero ... and how to map your own battle assessment. Simple touch and drag control to lead your army involves the possibility of attacking by just one line on an opponent.
  • New to tactical turn-based wars? Do not worry! Fight your characters on their own with the option of auto-battle.

Strengthen your favorite hero

  • They strengthen many ways for its allies: leveling, skills, weapons equipable articles and more. Fight more and more for victory and take their characters to greater heights.

Replay mode

  • In addition to the main story, there are many other modes in which you can compete against its partners, other players and even stronger.

The original characters meet the legendary hero

  • There are a lot of new symbols in the game Fire Emblem series and the cast heroes created by the characters Yusuke Kojhaki and Shigeki Maeshima. Some heroes will fight on your side as allies, while others will beat fierce enemies as you stand in your way and join his army.
  • An internet connection is required to play. Data charges may apply.
  • You need to have at least a game that uses less than a 13+ Nintendo account.
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  • Specifications and other applications The various device changes affect the application's normal operation running on the device.
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  • It provides good quality graphics.
  • Characters have a variety of weapons selection.


  • In addition, there are several game levels.
  • This not-so-perfect bad and good design

Game and history

As a medieval king/princess, you play battles by touching the screen and arranging battles. Call the Fire Emblem universe characters. You have to develop their hero skills to new heights. Their style of play is quite simple and without requiring external input during the fight.

Its tactical turn-based battles are going to play with a rational palm seat in the cards' hands. You have to feel good and hard about the weapons of every hero. Simple touch and drag control to lead your army involves the possibility of attacking by just one line on an opponent.

Battle Chess is a game where you feel like you move the position of your character according to their combat abilities. The game of chess is likewise a box that goes to reach the enemy to attack.

There are more than 700 script steps (this amount is included at all levels of difficulty). Use the steps of history and delete orbs that can earn called heroes. Fire Emblem, often updated hero chapters new story chapters, in which you should add the game.

More symbol on Fire Hero

Fire Emblem Heroes 4.6 out of 5 stars according to various rating platforms. Fire Emblem game is like Farmville Hero, SimCity BuildIt is Dragon City. Set up this app for a review and rate our website if you want to write. Download Trouble Our accelerator is free to offer direct links to all versions available for free. You can use the Nintendo website for more information, please visit if you want to know more about Fire Emblem Heroes.

How to play

As mentioned earlier, you need to first select the character of your choice before gaining gameplay. Or pick one; Either male or female fine. Later, you can fight other character's alliance companies. And the next thing is you, among many used to fight more than you choose a weapon. If you do, you will be shown a brief overview, what you need to do at a certain level in the game.

User Reviews

User 1: I have been playing for a few months now, and there are a few complaints that I have. For starters, there are a lot of accidents on me. The closer they got to getting eligible the harder they could be to get more opportunities. Finally, they give us different versions of the characters, we do not have our characters instead. I would actually hang members of the laguz tribe like Zihark, Jill, Nolan, Leonardo, Laurent, Kellam, the Citadel Crimean Royal Nights, Priam and more.

User 2: The game, if it was a useful first start (that is, from where I saw it) might be; However, this game is complicated for many newcomers. It's hard. The amount of playing style is very good, but the content is a lot it can take all in the middle. Edit: After returning the game, I have time to get acquainted, and really enjoyed it. You will be more accessible with the addition of the heroic maze in this game.

User 3: The game is interesting, the combination of strategy and huge, good-looking and fun ... first, but then comes the paywall to beat some reality. Sure you can free the balls, but RNG is never on your side and you can easily burn balls worth $ 100 for nothing (start this game and that many balls). 

Wat is er nieuw

  • New weapon skills for Cecilia, Setsuna, and Legion have been added.
  • Tomatoes and spices can now be harvested in Aether Resort. You can use these ingredient to cook up some fresh dishes in the Dining Hall!