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Mario Kart Tour APK Nintendo Publisher 1992 Release" "Their Own Game Inspired by January 31, 2018 Older, but Gold" "Summer Super Mario Kart Rate Compensation Series 2019, Android has officially been tested in North America beta version and racing game Japan. After some unsuccessful new mobile game projects, maybe Nintendo has taken the sensation step when they were successful in the past. To decide the game.

Senior players have played video game consoles already know Super Mario Kart. The game was released 27 years ago and in the console game Top 4 All-Time Best Selling Game. At the present time, the status of new games is constantly the old game. The top game may become obsolete within a few months. So we have again a game to build a classic game of our special emotions.

The best racing game of the 90s

You know that can't happen because in the original Super Mario Kart game we are inspired to start racing Beach Buggy and go play some games of Angry Birds.

In a racing game, your goal is not surprising to play Mario Kart tour. No matter who you are or whether you are the first finisher to defeat opponents and try. Use your opponent's speed to overcome the track to collect power-ups. And of course, an essential element of glory is to win the driver over a number of skill road driving.


The Mario Kart Tour is one of the main screens in the vertical direction. Similar to other racing games to gain control over mobile. Instead, swipe to control the tipping all over the screen as you karting your finger in the asphalt. The automatic acceleration of a small change over the basket console version when the enemy collided was a later approach through the wall.


If you're a fan of Super Mario Kart characters, the character system will make you feel excited. Either you start playing with the Toad or Toadette characters. Rare Alphabet There are three types of alphabet rare and very rare, the most common of which. You can unlock the chest character with the page.

The characters do not influence race selection, that is, they all have power. The only thing you have to win the game is the ability to help the situation under good player control. Even though a player has a character lost in a super rare class using a starting character, you can still easily do it. Nintendo's next update will be updating their favorite characters soon.

  • Some clues frequently occur: Koopa, Baby Mario, Baby Luigi, Larry Troopa, in the world ...
  • Some characters are rare: Mario, Luigi, Wario, Donkey Kong, Daisy ...
  • Currently, there are rare species of Super Four characters including Metal Mario, Rosalina, Dry Bowser, King Boo.

Upgrade your cart

All cart can be upgraded with any kind of engine as engine, jet, shock absorber and tire. You can choose to open the tube collection and the content that you want to update.


There are currently five types of Mario Kart challenges from other locations, including the game DS:

  • Rocket Launch!
  • Through the breed rings
  • Jump Vets
  • Not broken
  • Glider challenge


The first impression of Mario Kart Tour Player was designed beautiful graphics. Optimized for mobile devices, the game console version has some changes in comparison. The game gives you an old longing, a series of emotions from 27 years ago.


The best game consoles, 27 years ago, are now officially available on mobile. Now it's time to download your phone and time, to find Mario Kart Tour for his old feeling. If you love the old game of Mario and Nintendo, can not remember a game. 

Mario Kart takes a world tour!

In addition to the classic Mario Kart courses because of the courses to run, Mario and friends inspired by real-world cities, to reach a global level in this new Mario Kart! These tourist attractions, which can be seen every two weeks! In addition to the prestigious place on the course, you will find that some variations of your favorite Mario Kart characters cover the local flavor play presented in the cities!

Fun at your fingertips uninterrupted Mario Kart!

An ingenious device at a time - Mario Kart is known and ready to take over the world by storm of many favorite series! With just one finger you drift the flight and loop with the slightly disastrous properties you can go to a full cup of new and classic Mario Kart track sleep.

Obtains first place with objects and enormous modes!

Mario Kart Tour You have access to an arsenal, mixing things up on the field more powerful before competition! The new enormous mode, which at a certain point has unlimited supply and makes the invaluable heat up active! Most of the next chaos, enormous situation, because one takes a very short time!

Driver, collect cart, symbol and more!

Earn Closed Pipe Grand Star or Fire Racing Properties to get more drivers, carts, and gliders! You can be proud of certain challenges, earning badges by showing off their names in the next game!

Bonus Challenge Put a type of traditional race of course!

Some races are not always the goal in the first place. This bonus challenge, of course, requires a different kind of approach and strategy, with names like "vs Mega Mario" and "Goomba" separated!

Race Increase your online ranking!

They promote the best! Your high score determines how you compare to other players in the world. Practice and keep your guests and drivers on top to increase cart growth, and try different combinations for flights!

Note: Nintendo's account is required to play Mario Kart's tour.

  • Start free of charge; An optional in-game purchase is available. Requires Constant Internet compatible smartphone and Nintendo account. Data charges may apply.
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User Reviews

User 1: I like the Mario Kart tour. It's fun playing against people who are trying to get 5 stars. But I have seen Pokemon Go go down in difficulty. That is, only hardcore installed and whales that reached extremely difficult basic functions. The basic equipment should not be impossible for the occasional audience. Hardcore Challenges Only challenges must be completed. I hope they decide on this next trip.

User 2: A huge mobile addition to the range! Fun old series (N64, DS, etc.), see title used in previous games. There was something you could do to start a lot of the main character's locker points, but it works out really bad. How many points in this game it is very different characters, cart and performance gliders you can find on different tracks. It's a good option, as I like. And if you want to do something without paying a little time and patience. Definitely worth a visit!

User 3: I change my last review that I was crazy for such use. We still like, there are problems. My husband and I bought together and passed the gold and it is still great fun and we play it every day. However, we both try to reinstall and we can take any shortcuts on the map. We YouTube videos, and where some people tend to use grass, have we ever seen each other? It's very frustrating. And we know that you just like such a day level.


See the challenges It's clear another variable, as it should, is the chorus especially the exclusive Mario Kart formula. The characters we know and love the atmosphere that we know as well as love, but it looks new back in beta. The big problem was missing multiplayer wasn't really there, but in reality hunting against CPUs just depends on your characters against your friends. Now, stop confirming the race and the fact that you are actually playing against players at any point. 

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