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aug 07, 2020

Mobizen Screen Recorder, the most complete application in the event that you need to try to record what happens to the best features of the device screen and reduce it, you can think about performance because it has all the features.

Android Mobizen is one of the best screen recording programs because of its many interesting features. Quickly with this app, you can record anything like games on smartphone screens, video and more. It also allows you to take free screenshots and edit them with you. You can also record all mobile screen origins and capture the screen recording function. It is common for recording and sharing mobile games to use it. You can create your own video with 60 fps and 12.0 screen and 1080p full HD recording Mbps great quality. You can shoot your reactions with FaceCam screenshots while shooting. The mobile presentation reflects the big-screen mobile device. Scanning drawing tools at presentation and can be actively improved. Smartphone notifications make it possible to get information on a PC. You can also choose what information you want to answer.

Also drag and drop file transfer can move files to PC and mobile devices, or vice versa with ease. The video streaming function allows you easy access to videos and music streams from your PC. This application provides as long as these applications proper permissions can be applied. This app is definitely a great app for YouTube users or players. But there are some advantages and disadvantages of using this application.

How to make a video first?

  • Delete Full HD 8 Screen Recording!
  • 1080 resolution Highest quality supply, 12.0Mbps quality, 60 frames per second
  • Built-in recording game sound and your answers because you release your voice with FaceCam!
  • On OnExternal storage savings without SD recording (SD card) provides video for longer!
  • (trim, crop, paint, etc.) gives your video quality with variety to improve video editing!
  • Put your favorite BGM and an identity and video - create a personalized video!
  • Clean screen recorder without watermark with clean shooting mode!

Only in conjunction with Mobizen

  • Someone can use it without launching OS 4.4!
  • All screenshots are free, use storage and processing!
  • Watermark can be removed for free!


  • Record memory file with screen Mobizen screen user record will be stored only device.
  • In order to experience all the features of Mobizen Screen Recorder, you agree to store, move the camera, microphone and application privileges.

Download the app and the total size 19 APK you can download and open your favorite file manager, and install English taping the file name. If the installation does not start automatically, you will need to enable an unknown source on your Android settings. Some applications such as Mobizen Screen Recorder ES File Explorer File Manager MoboMarket, in Google Play Store, Dropbox, Adobe Acrobat Reader, Google Calendar, Google Docs, Google Spreadsheets. If you want to write a review, set this application and rate it on our website. Download as fast as our speed. We provide direct links to all available 19 bands free Mobizen screen recorder.


  • User-friendly
  • One Party Launches Android 4.4
  • Shots are free to edit, capture
  • Full HD and 1080p resolution clear screen recording


  • Some of the gaps

How to use

Players are good at recording their actions in this app. It is an easy way to mirror your phone display on the PC. This application will also work a simple thing. Upload all that you need to download the same apps on your Android and PC applications. However, you can also use other PC programs from the Mobizen website. Here you can do via USB, 3G or Wi-Fi connection; However, it is better to connect to USB or sometimes less because of the appearance of Wi-Fi connecting to 3G. From its inception, Mobizen can always easily be the perfect property for you.

User Reviews

User 1: I hate how disappears the small disk icon without notification, it goes into the notification bar when in a clean state. I'm not trying to record video and information until it's too late to stop recording. In addition, get a free trial point for free, if you advertise? I love the features, please promise to improve random recording errors prevention!

User 2: I'm glad they fixed the bug, but if made to update, when I put the click to finish the cycle is spent for the RPG game, because I get really crazy, can't see it but it's still using and the developer I have this Want to see if I still have this app right just because Lil Bit I asked you hope soon .... we have good memories

User 3: I have used this for some of his videos and tutorials. It's a great app I recommend downloading. Also, if you have background noise, you can impress from the directors and the background sounds dumb, and add music. It's also great because you can use voice-over. Awesome app! It also saves when your done in your gallery and gives you a tutorial of the buttons and what they are used for. Very good app! I suggest downloading today! Just one click of a hand. 

Wat is er nieuw

New features
  • Added facecam On/Off option while recording.
  • Added option to group select video and images.
  • Various stability improvements and bug fixes
  • Fixed the cam screen showing zoomed in after switching the facecam between back and front.
  • Fixed the app stopping when wizard is launched.
  • Fixed the logo to be shown on the bottom-right corner only.
  • Applied Google policy
  • Applied Android OS 10 standard guide.
👍 Thank you for your support and love for Mobizen!