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mrt 24, 2020

The PlayStation® App is an official program developed by Sony that allows the PlayStation experience (which means) to get you anywhere on your Android device.

Thanks to the PlayStation app, you can watch your friends play anytime, compare their performance with their own, check out your profile and recent activity on the PlayStation Network.

Players and PlayStation users can use their mobile devices online to access the official PlayStation app live. If he wasn't at that time himself, use the console, he can buy a game that can be played later on the PlayStation console that you can talk to your friends and they can also check the latest news.

It is also possible to see the information on your profile and use what your friend's trophies managed to snag, not to mention the fact that the guides, manuals and just a few clicks with PlayStation.Blog.

Stau in the game

Connect with your PlayStation App Take your mobile device with your PS4 ™ system with the PlayStation experience wherever you go. Message your player friends, and use your console PS shop and push downloads to find more online registration for tournaments to check out the app, to see your list of friends.

Always in control

Manage your PlayStation account settings, update your PSN profile information to customize parental settings and more. You can also browse the purchased PS shop, make-up and input your content from the PS4 system and press download voucher code and wait.

Keep up to date

There is always something new and exciting happening. Take a look at the game invitations releases the latest PlayStation Advertising and PlayStation Blog, Holding, Game and Check Friend Requests and see what online friends. You can also use your PSA companion PS messaging app, tournaments and inquiry program, and check the messages register for your information.

PS messaging app

Instant online messages, your players' friends and favorite groups from your mobile device access the new PlayStation®Messages application. Whenever you love always play when you go to your PS4 system જોડ Players are talked about connecting with your friends.

In fact, the official PlayStation application can be used if the PlayStation Console estimates you play some leaders and read a game at the same time.

Alliance with players and games

Grab your PlayStation experience with you wherever you go! Your friends and friends will love to play the game that you love to play, watch online, and discover the latest titles on the PlayStation Store.

With the PlayStation App, you can:

  • Who views your friends online and what they are playing.
  • Notifications, game alerts and invites.
  • Customize your profile.
  • Check out the trophies to progress and compare.
  • Keeps up with the latest developments by their friends and leads to profiles.
  • Go to the game and add it to your PlayStation Store, and then your PS4 home they are ready to push when you get.

A Sony Entertainment Network is the account required to use this application.

Some of the application functions are required to use PS4.

Application interface

The PlayStation app can users in the text input dialog box, such as username and password. Use the on-screen keyboard register on the console to eliminate discomfort. Top-notch that notifies you when new friend requests, game suggestions, and more. The game uses the PlayStation app for movie shopping. At the same time, users can buy on-the-go entertainment with a coordinating app console.

You will be ready to play this game with your friends at any time. Features With the PlayStation App you are constantly in touch with their favorite games. With the application, you can connect to every PlayStation Store without problems thanks to its convenient interface. You can use your Android device as an on-screen keyboard for PS4. So you can see what games your friends are playing. Also found in profiles, recent developments, game information received through chat or send game invitations. 

Wat is er nieuw

Our latest update is ready. Here's what changed:
  • PS4 Remote Play can now be launched directly from the PS App.
  • Facebook integration is no longer supported on the PS App.
  • This update also includes fixes and performance improvements.