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mei 02, 2020

Two folks 2D racing game entitled, in the sequel playing where you need to go through a zombie hordes to defend themselves. A post-apocalyptic zombie's obstructions and where the cost of gasoline and the vehicle is plagued by scarce by humanity. You can be reflected by as much as many along with the border areas and the transitional Wade.

The new checkpoints in the desert. The contributions do not go out and beat the different levels in the game. It is mandatory to earn the same level for a very long time before death.

As always you have to use three cars to choose from hordes of zombies grass. The muscle car, Humvee and an armored school bus. Zombie-style fans will immediately see and identify vehicles that inspire them.

Earn to Die 2, like to control how you play rather than playing many games of this genre, all the cars in the car are the same regardless of what you use. Car to proceed further. Down buttons to move back. Left of tilts up and down the right mouse button tilts. X-button to update the speed boost is growing, but only if the speed (which you should in any case).

The main problems right when you start playing you could not get in because of a lack of fuel. For this reason, you constantly have (gas stations, to improve your vehicle). Fortunately, 2 die income, every time you make money each race, you can improve race car easier.

Waiting on a space ship land on the other side. The only thing that stands in their way: after the city overrun by zombies. Only cars and a detailed description with a small amount of money you have to drive through hordes of zombies in a familiar position to cope ... survive!

Brand new story mode

About Earn to Die 2 a massive new story mode, you are five times more likely to die from his previous time. His familiar desert setting of the game and suffers delves into the depths of the zombies' cities.


Levels are now multi-level! Lazy drive through the highway bridge, breaking through the underground tunnels, or epic zombie-filled factories. Passes only way to destroy them - you have to decide it without noticing it, you will not be able to escape from the zombie hordes!

Creating a zombie smashing machine

Unlock 10 different cars, sports cars, a fire truck, and even improve, including an ice cream truck. Panzer guns like every vehicle roof frame-mounted boosters and until such time as improvements can be equipped with a number. There is no chance of the zombies.

Destructible vehicles

Vehicles are now fully destructible. Your vehicle waiting smashed're pieces for your life if you do not get very cautious.

The more zombies. More destruction. More chaos.

Wait? Which do not always have to wait for the rescue ship! Prepare yourself for a wild ride - and seriously, there's nothing like smashing zombie-infested by the factories!

Earn to Die 2 Original Web Series 2012 and belong to receive a bigger and better version of the two."

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