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jan 21, 2018

FHX Clash Of Clans Game Clusters of Equipment Sets Supports While Private FHX Server Supports Users With A Number Of Android App.

FHX Clash Of Clans, the most popular and best-known server blockbuster for mobile games. Clash of Clans is an MMO real-time strategy. Group players from the other factions to fight for battle. Used with a private server, players can use the game in an uncontrolled way. For example, every micro-transaction can be a currency without actually paying. It also has the benefit of changing or the possibility of sports behavior of thugs.

With FHX struggling families, you can create your own game. To play alone or welcome friends. You can also use the app to change the behavior of the game. For example, in applications with just a gag, you can give all unlimited gold, so they can maintain without building and borders.

You have no restrictions on elixirs, so you can install either standard or bold elixirs. You can also ban precious stones, remove all of their Barack 500 slots and unlock all the traps and decorations. Subtly changes. You can not play this game break, but can only set the dimension, so that the microtransactions of you and others play in the mind built without limits.

At the time of this review, FHX was probably closing its doors. With its clans, custom FHX server clash can be used in this application. However, the utility application essentially falls down because of the longer the FHX server will reopen to open it.


  • Clans server custom clash
  • Gold and Elixirs
  • Many more customization options


  • FHX is a no more private server operating

How to do

  • First, you need to download UCS (Ultrapowa Fighting Server)
  • You can download Ultrapowa Conflict Server UCS through its web site
  • Run ucs.exe if run with the admin. Then right-click the ACA ucs.exe administrator as "Run".
  • You must wait a minute "while the server" starts
  • Then find the IP address of the server that we use. Start at> All Programs> Accessories> Command Prompt. Right-click and select Run Status Administrator
  • Find a part-LAN ​​connection after the IP config IPv4 Ethernet adapter type. Then ordered the copy or IP note for them.

The next step is to make a private server, we are done for Android phones to connect. Android phones should be regular turns. The reading anchor is not as easy as Android

FHX Clash Of Clans Features:

The first game to fight the battle by hiding rich resources, clan FHX personal server has many unique features, you can play families using private servers clash.

FHX Clash Of Clans

Baby Dragon Khan updates new features

FHX updated their sets to use private servers combat FHX. In this update, the new Soldier Baby Dragon Khan. Think quality baby dragon and do not know? Here is a brief description.

Baby dragon clans fought in an air force of many special abilities. Special abilities, the baby dragon that he can grow, and when he alone increased their attacks (other air force)

The Khan clan is a war, with the advantage of able subway force running land. Khan will attack near the house. When the building was destroyed, the Khan subway returned to the next house.

New Song Mantras and Skulls Magic Clone

The TH11 upgrade can work in FHX, it is also used in two new spells. It's the latest magic call clone spell (nectar spell) and skeleton (spelling dark nectar spell). A brief description of the two sits that you can see below:

Clone is a spell that can only be spelled with nectar. Writing is useful to double a certain number of soldiers. The higher the clone level spells, the more food you eat, you can increase the soldiers.

Skeleton spelling or spelling can be done with dark nectar. The benefit of this magic can release a certain amount of skeletons. Skeleton increases the spell level, of course, it will come out on the skeleton.