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mei 30, 2020

See an image editing program to add a unique touch to your photos in your mobile device (also known as Pixlr Express and Pixlr Autodesk), which gives numerous usefulness and effectiveness.

The application allows for simple and basic editing or rotating of a photo typical for such bite-size. You can also adjust the editing, performance, and not the brightness and contrast because such adjustment eliminates the red eye color.

The great thing about Pixlr is that it has a simple and intuitive interface all easy to use and a cinch will have different effects to reach more than 600.

Pixlr is a great photo editing utility that gives you all the features of a large desktop program on your small mobile devices.

Pixlr - Free Photo Editor; It's not like, you can use a tablet and Android operating system phone, a fun photo editing program. With Pixlr, an easy to use interface, you can use it to apply multiple editing functions, change your photo in size, remove red eyes, make your teeth white or more white and crop your images. You can also share your photos with your friends on social networking sites like Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook and send them to your friends via e-mail.

Pixlr does not want everyone to get the right photo editor that is always a picture or professional, all the tools and performance of Pixlr you need to edit. Create photo pics with layout, variety of backgrounds and distance culls. An over-editable click color matches the car refining. Many photos provide a unique view with double use of layers and contact. One can see homogeneous pencil drawings, ink sketches, posters, and more stylized photos. Spot the essence of your own photos and make your teeth white with a red eye perceiver or simple tools.


• Create photo pictures with preset illustrations, frames, optimized ratios and easily a variety of backgrounds.

• Immediately, adjust the color of your photos and click on use simple auto-updates.

• Use double exposure to create a variety of layers and effects with the use of adjustable transparency.

• Create nice photo with stylizing effect (pencil sketch posters, watercolor and more).

• Skin, hard spots, easy tools smooth white teeth with red-eye.

• Add color splash effect or central staining color bring effect.

• Pack each of the image effects into any category that you like.

• The tone cover photo was set - amplify the tone, cool, or true color.

• Easily add text to your photos with a variety of fonts to choose from.

• Exit your editing process along the right edge - there is one style that you choose to suit.

• New negotiations ensured as additional impact, overlays and border packs increased.

• Keep track of your favorite effects and overlays with the Favorites button.

• Crop and pre-save and drawings are easily formed.


In Google Play, Pixlr gets 4.4 points. This photography app from'll find out which users have a lot of love and have a high rating point for processing using their photos programs. Of course, Pixlr enjoys providing some features of photo editing. Pixlr offers full editing tools fun. Using this application, you can create photo pics to choose from a variety of backgrounds, layout, and spacing. In addition, there's an auto-fix, which would be nice, with a simple click to color.

The image is able to change the mood using this application. This app is best because it has some overlay fun. Preferred Overlay Examples To use the amplitude of sound, it is cool and true colors. Overlay types, of course, can make the image look better.

Also, Image Editing Pixlr also has a good sharing menu. After moving the selected image editing, it will be easy for users to share other results. Some have to share on social media, Instagram, Facebook, which can be used as Twitter or email. Well, the Pixlr edit images of the works can be repaired for free.

Primary access option

The Pixel Editor is an advanced software bundle, which looks almost identical to Adobe Photoshop. Levels are found and the device can be accessed through the right side of the menu on the left side during other settings. This way, how to open an image memory file or core functions, how to export an image to a different location can all be accessed with one simple click. Unlike some functions offered by the editor level setting can be changed, RGB color change and various effects can be applied directly to an image.

More info

A unique feature is an easy way to mark a specific piece of a lasso tool (a picture is not offered by another free bundle). The Pixel Editor is hierarchical and in a short time, all the existing elements of the image have been able to add easy processing to them Only the size of a file larger than 30 kilobytes is used to reference the final advantageous feature.

Users reviews

  1. What happened to your app I've had it for years. I just had my shots updated and will only be installed on the new device and it does not work. Nothing I do is often set up to install and load new comforts. I updated my two weeks I have been taking your application offline offers, but it just won't work.
  2. You won't have to delete updates but fix problems. Download me I think you do not want to use it. Remove one star and go elsewhere. It's a shame I have to use it almost every day.
  3. It says it will. But every time I use it I see more. It is recommended and will continue. Advertising does not interfere with all usage. thank you!

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