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BIGO LIVE - Live Broadcasting Apk

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jul 29, 2020

Download the latest version of Bino LIVE for free - just download the live broadcast apk file for Android and the live broadcast app can be quickly on your phone - install Android or live bingo.

BIGO LIVE - A social Android application for live broadcast application, this app was developed for Android and is run by Bingo Technology PTE. Ltd.

BIGO LIVE - The live broadcast app should be available on the free Android phone or tablet on the Google Play Store; Live broadcast apk file downloada2z.com apk directory for your Android phone or tablet - or you can bingo, download and install live.

BIGO LIVE Live Video Streaming Social Networks Clock broadcasters showcase their talents and share their interests. Transfer your life and build your audience!

If you want to be a little more social, you have to try this app. This is a fantastic application that is just a dream, platform for you. BIGO LIVE - Live Broadcasting - is an amazing application for broadcasting free life. Everyone can use this app for themselves. BIGO LIVE - Live Broadcasting is one of the most popular applications across the market. It's for mobile devices. Now you have to make yourself the complete freedom of a big star. You may want to start your live broadcast manually. Do you think you can move on to the world of skills and start having live streams? Console yourself with this application. There is no one who can pause to show their talents to the world any longer.

This time you have to show their talents to the world. They make the beginning live performance a big star. It is not a simple, common platform. Some celebrities and big names will be surprised to hear that you are able to. This app is also used by some of the big names. You have to beat them and at that time you know. Just install the app, and you're ready to go. Now famous and popular car in his time. There's a bounty, and a number are waiting for you in this app. You don't have to wait. You have to wait for a very large community to join. You're amazing to do something more and just download the APK and install it. All your things are. This APK


  • BIGO LIVE  Conversation Star Broadcasters with stars from around the world, YouTube celebrities and Facebook influencers.
  • Many fans, if users connect millions of live help bingo, become the next star!
  • Live Broadcast: Sends your phone to mid-afternoon, whenever and wherever you want!
  • Virtual gifts are designed for a variety of cool and unique gifts. Send his enthusiasm to the roadster for a picture, broadcasters!
  • Guest Live: Invite your friends to co-host your show!
  • rewarding Activities: Diamonds to win our online and offline activities, beans and prices!
  • Exchange their beans: beans. Broadcast, Get Money and Fun!

• Available in over 150 countries.

• More than 200 million users worldwide!

• Playback should be viewed by Google 185 times.

Do not wait - join bingo, let your life easily change the many fans present and win the statue.

Creative Live Streaming

In the Free Education Channel

BIGO LIVE  classes English and Soft Skills Free through live streaming and the purpose of the training is to gradually be taken up with other topics.

Free live astrology consultancy

Are you worried about your career, education, finances, marriage, relationships or health? Get instant feedback on LIVE by bingo professional astrologers.

Relationship Advice

Need Consultancy Love? Make Love Guru is Bingo.

Pranks and outdoor activities

Watch live match fun, live songs, folk dances, chat with interesting topics on bingo and outdoor activities around.

Key Features


Singing, dancing, playing talk ... just one button to go live! Once detected on your face during live streaming or video chat, the aesthetic effect will be applied automatically.

He shows talent and get more followers.

Watch live stream

  • Talented broadcasters offer live stream and live video 24 hours to millions of enthusiastic dancers and singers, big eateries, comedians, teachers, etc.
  • Protected Life Rules See more live streaming of popular games like PUBG, Laugh, ROV, Fortnite, Dota 2, Fireplace.
  • Interact with your favorite broadcasters, in addition to live events, send elements, connect airplanes and virtual gifts to earn rewards.

Free live video chat and voice chat

  • 1 online video chat: Invite friends to get started.
  • Create a group video chat or multi-room video calls with up to 9 people.
  • Daily Thousand Filters Space-based group-speaking countries or issues Choose the living room.
  • Chat with strangers or want to start a chat? The people of India or bingo are integrated around the world.


Try the drinking challenge and have fun with your friends at BIGO LIVE ! Broadcasters win the P, while the loser has a higher attraction point.

Sports Center

Tired of watching live streaming? Game Take a heartbreak! You can play with your family, your friends or ludos, snakes and ladders, and sheep fight. They all play all the time.

Wat is er nieuw

  • Launch the pet function in live broadcast room, where anchors and audience can raise pets together!
  • Add Diamond Mission in the live room, you can finish the daily and weekly mission to get massive diamonds & stunning rewards for you!
  • Add "Quick return to the live room" function, you can quickly return to the favorite host!"
  • Adding "Combo sending" to Drawing Gift, come try!