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3.252 dla Android
maj 30, 2020

Chess Free is the best time to write a free chess game and list top (free chess programs) on Android for 120+ time!

First-class, it improves your chess free to make both a chess teacher and a teacher great for developing skills. Completely! This is not a demo, and no place was closed.

Chess Free is a free offline application. You do not need the internet to play online, but you can go online to play our other applications. Play chess and compare your results with friends and learn different strategies.

Chess Free game is a free play buy full applications for free, but you can add some optional items.


  • Level 12 play (Novice-> Expert) gives this intelligent poor access to the lower levels. Good for beginners.
  • Comfortable and Pro mode. Learn casual and professional progress.
  • Chess teacher. This powerful option carries a recommended part of the chess strategy to show development and avoids simple mistakes.
  • Train analysis. Analyze your movements in the dark.
  • "Show CPU get" option 3 + level. It allows the user to see what's being considered artificial.
  • Saves achievements, leaderboards and cloud statistics! Your Google+ Account
  • Rating in ELO mode gives their results against CPU based.
  • Review game mode. Step by step through your game!
  • Load / save game files and export PGN
  • Both tablet and phone support were made for tablets in landscape mode.
  • 2 player hot-seat. To play with your friends!
  • Chess statistics, timers, signs, and disabilities
  • 8 chess boards and chess piece 7 sentences
  • Treebeard chess engine used for (as used in Microsoft MSN Chess). This is a unique "human-like" style.

Tips to play the game

Free chess game for Android, so you don't need to control anything else than your farmers. In this game, you play white paws against black. Just like in any chess game, you have to control the white farmers, and if they always get to play right away before turning. In order to win the game provocation and Kingmat tried to checkmate the heartbeat. If you undo it makes it an easy misstep. 

Co nowego

Minor fixes for multiplayer