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3.2.2 dla Android
kwi 23, 2020

Apple Music is definitely the forum on iOS that you listen to on any music of any kind without any restriction. Yes, you can only stream any MP3 or stream music from the iTunes library. The bottom line is like that. Allow you to usually apply the check mode to listen to them without any cuts. This feature will not pay you to use other programs. Please.

The song comes with unlimited options that you hear in addition to the deduction, it also has a test mode for a long time. In general, for many people, the 30-day trial is at 10 because, in a small test mode, other programs cannot usually have their free streaming music in such a small test mode. Long-term testing is a free trial on how you can limit current fashion, thanks to every song they access app to stream.


• Apple enjoys more music lists of 30 million songs.

• Created thousands of lists for any genre or specialist inspector activity with a passion for music research.

• Get playlists and album recommendations based on the music you love.

• Add your favorite music to your library and access all your devices.

• Listen to 1 of your favorite artists and DJs from around the world.

• Create on-demand radio stations and music, listening to what you want more.

• The availability may vary depending on the country and country. After a monthly renewal of a trial subscription.

But just like anything else, it seems to have compromised their own negative side or its symptoms already mentioned. Since the special app development for iOS, the app has not been such a great turn out in terms of visual design. For those who have used it, the damage is another symptom, which is really nice to come in a very dubious state. In other words, the lack of visual design is the main reason why so many people "

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This update includes various app and performance improvements.