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Drag Racing Apk

33.6 MB
1.10.0 dla Android
lip 01, 2020

- 50 officially licensed cars, American muscle, and supercars driving hot hatches at 1000hp

- Show off your dream car and 1/4 or 1/2 mile upgrades to showcase their skills in purchasing operations,

- Challenge players online million 1 race 1, running the opponent's car, or 10 player races in the Pro League to participate in real-time

Many cars

Do you have the iconic Skyline GT-R, a classic Mustang 69 or a new BMW M3 as your ultimate driving machine? If you dream of, push the limit on the drag strip in the 1000 HP exotics? Almost all the games in this game, like to have fun to take a car.

Unlimited Depth:

Seems to be a straight line are you just a race? In-class performance keeps trying to find the right balance between life. Nitrous oxide added to the fun pressure, but very quickly the key. Provides deep and precious pressure to space for milliseconds. Think to make a world record challenge or to win the line 10 tournaments? Welcome to


Racing on your own can be very funny but in the final "In-Line" section. Go head-to-head with your friends or random racers while running their own cars or races in contests, beating up to nine players in real-time. In order to discuss the tunes service strategy exchanges and share a team their services participate.

It's Ajmao:

Drag Racing: Bike Edition 17 eagerly expanding, new sports brand mode, modernization, and sportbikes wheelies!

Reviews in the Press:

Called The New York Times 10 2011 Blog's Best Android Games!

"" Update many car opponents, many parts, we think you like, a virtually unlimited pool of'll like it. "

- Jaymar Cabebe, Chnetkcom

"" Long life with a mega drug and boot bag. Drag racing Well-designed well-executed racer keeps petrolheads coming back for more. ""

- Life of Michael Brook, Android


0. Update the game

- Store your device on your car and money. Update the game installation before updating, or you will lose all your content.

1. Racing

- Launch and shift when the dashboard is blue or green indicator lights

- View Orange, display on the dashboard - If there's too much wheelspin, you have nowhere to go

- If you know how to operate properly, ignore the lights and how to report your own winning strategy,

- Nitrous is more effective on lightweight cars. Time is important!

2. Vehicles and upgrades

- Test drive before you buys a car!

- There is more than a cost to your car, both offline and online spot deterrent opposition

- The upgrade is increasingly seen in the price/level of cars while tuning

- Just keep getting the benefit of your car under the price control level

- Gear ratio setting (Garage -> Upgrade -> Tune) is expensive, but if you do not get storage time is possible settings

3 game modes and profits

- Start against amateur artificial / race to get some quick cash and build your car

- Defeat bosses and unlock achievements for additional RP

- Go online and race against other maximum cash / RP

- Earn some money online "Warmongers" are not designed for "your car,"

- For the ultimate challenge, compete against the top players in the Pro League

Co nowego

Our players are both unique and polite!
  • Player's server profile redesign for a better experience.
  • Did you know that a player's profile was written from scratch? Now you do!
  • No cursing allowed! We've improved our filter for better manners.
  • Better races validation. Check it out!
  • Fixed annoying bugs in the friends racing mode.