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Asphalt Nitro Apk

37.4 MB
1.7.2o dla Android
mar 17, 2020

Asphalt Nitro Presence franchise but striking resemblance to a less elegant scale attachments. Targeted for Android and developed by Gameloft, 100 MB, the only previous title of Asphalt 1.2 GB asphalt with asphalt nitric acid now requires less space. Of course, you could play an important part cut, but the title really impresses the car and the game mode compared to having a car. Li number. The graphics do not look good mention.

Concerning the Lamborghini Veneno, you will find a variety of cars from Ferrari LaFerrari. The best part? You can customize and refine your car, if necessary, to enhance the color and color. With a variety of cars, asphalt nitric acid brings you to races in the world of China to Brazil and also to the racetrack in the United States. Combine each with a certain attention to detail that game designers have created, and some races include second jumps and shortcuts to the ground over long distances.

In addition to a race status singles championship and running, Nitric Acid's asphalt also presents you with a strong multiplayer mode. They rise in the rankings and prove to your partner how you can be the ultimate fast seller. Overall, the game comes in eight game modes, but in the game, you come up with a tenth normal size of the disaster you usually fill in a disaster recovery scratch nitric acid. This technological breakthrough is fun and well-lit game of action and the gameplay is lit to complete the hour brand franchise.

Burn the streets and the sky!

  • Take them at your amazing speed and print miles beyond its borders!
  • Ramp blow takes the competition to new heights.
  • When blowing while you maneuver through the air, mind pulling off stunts.

Master modes!

  • Including Tor Drift, Depression and a lot of eight different game modes, challenge opponents!
  • Police chase status came back for the first time since the early days!
  • Beat your friends in the asynchronous race!

Circling the ball!

  • Everywhere, some races all over with the most beautiful scenery built on earth. From China to Brazil, you should get to know the whole world!
  • Discover the weight of hidden shortcuts will help you fully compete in the dust.

Important customer information:

Please note that the game can, or may not, be properly called for Intel Atom processor devices for life.


While the game is designed specifically for competition, it is in terms of the general population to humor me with luxury cars and their crazy speed that more downloaded beauty is ahead.

The environment that he/she has the ability to easily find beautiful places to play in the world. Stunning graphics in the game increase the level of excitement.

It can be filled with awesome functions on your Android device. Starting with the first issue? We will continue to share their experiences in the comments section! 

Co nowego

Minor bug fixes.